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Lenovo Tab E10 Tablet – Cheapest price UK

Android tablets are a dying bread, not because they are bad but because Apple’s iPad dominates the market. However Lenovo have produced a decent tablet for people who don’t want to spend £400 on a tablet. The Lenovo Tab E10 is a 10in (10.1 actually) tablet with a modern smart look. And John Lewis have got it for a ridiclous £79 delivered or collection in store.

The tablet comes with 2 years warranty, and a six hour battery. While it wont set the world on fire, it has a good if unspectacular screen, certainly good enough for Netflix binging and social media. While the form factor is fairly light too.

Downsides, well it does only have 2GB of RAM so you wont be doing a million things at once with ease. This is something we would like to see Android tablets move away from as it limits them to media devices, but if this is just going to be a Netflix Facebook machine thats fine. With the Snapdragon 210 processor it will manage basic games, and if emulation is your thing anything from the 16bit era should be fine like SNES and Mega Drive. While the 16GB of storage means if you are going to a none wifi area on holiday, you will want an SD card for all your shows and films downloaded, which thankfully this is expandable.

Its a pretty thin tablet at only 8.9mm, and also comes with decent Dolby Atmos front firing speakers, not bad!

Overall the Lenovo E10 is a thin cheap tablet with a decent screen for £79 with a 2 year warranty. The Amazon Fire 10 is the nearest rival, but that you dont have the full Google Play Store, but it is a bit faster. thats available on offer for £99 but usual price is more like £149 and its certainly not twice as good.

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Lenovo Tab E10
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Lenovo IdeaPad U300s 13.3 inch Laptop (Intel Core i5 2467M 1.6GHz, RAM 4GB, 128GB SSD, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit)

Lenovo IdeaPad U300s 13.3 inch Laptop (Intel Core i5 2467M 1.6GHz, RAM 4GB, 128GB SSD, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit)

  • Product code : MICLENIPM6845UK
  • Brand : Lenovo
  • Manufacturer part number : M6845UK

Lenovo IDEAPAD U300 CI52467M16G 128GB SSD 4GB 133IN NOOPT W7HP EN M6845UK Laptops Notebooks

List Price: £899.99

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Laptops and Netbooks

LENOVO Essential G575 15.6″ Laptop, 6GB RAM, £299.99

Dual core processor, 6GB of memory and a large 320GB hard drive. Added with stylish design for under £300. This is one of the best laptops for under £300.

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To help you deal with any day to day tasks the G575 features an AMD APU, which combines the processor and the graphics card, helping to create a laptop that is more efficient and runs at lower temperatures.

The G575 boasts an AMD E300 processor with AMD Radeon HD 6310M graphics and 6GB of RAM, perfect for getting everything done. The 320GB hard drive has plenty of space for all the files you need to save.

PC Component Deals TVs / Monitors

Lenovo C320 20 inch Multi Touch All-in-One Desktop PC for £449.99

If you are fed up of having a PC with all the bits taking up a lot of room then an All in One PC is a great idea like this stylish Lenovo C320 All in One PC. It is backed up by the powerful Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and a large 500GB hard drive. So basically it can do anything you throw at it, even modern games on low settings, although this is not made for games, it is made for interactive media.

As you can guess from the title it has a 20 inch touch screen which is responsive, however until Windows 8 comes out it is more for occasional use. Windows 7 is included, but when 8 comes out you can upgrade. What you will get more than occasional use from is the superb display itself. Being an all in one, the PC looks great on your desktop, and the screen does not let the side down. It is LED back lit, and it crisp and sharp thanks to its HD resolution.

There are also plenty of ports on the Lenovo C320, which is rare on all in one PCs, so it means you have access to all your USB devices without swapping much. It also has built in Wifi with the fast Draft-N.

Overall the Lenovo C320 is a great way to clear your desk and replace everything with a fast, stylish machine at a good price.

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Intel Core i3-2120, RAM 4GB,HDD 500GB, DVD-R,