Memory Cards

16GB Micro SDHC for Samsung Galaxy S2 – £9.99 DEAL

If you need more space for all your apps on your Samsung Galaxy S2, or if you simply fancy putting a load of music for your Winamp app then check out this incredible deal from  Its a branded San Disk 16GB Micro SDHC card for just £9.99.

This card will work in any camera or smartphone which supports 16GB Micro SD cards. If your phone is less than a year old, chances are it will. Check with your manual or manufacturer for confirmation.

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Memory Cards

Samsung Extreme Waterproof 8GB SDHC Memory Card £5! – DEAL

Samsung 8GB SD / SDHC Plus Extreme Speed Memory Card / Class 6

Price as of 11/11/2011.

Just a heads up on this incredible deal. A fiver for a fast branded 8GB SDHC memory card is good any day of the week but have got a bargain.  They have Samsung’s Extreme series memory card for just £5 DELIVERED!

What makes it extreme? Well its fairly quick at class 6, but it has several tricks up its sleeve. It is water proof, shock proof and x-ray and magnet proof! It can stand being in water for up to 24 hours according to Samsung. It looks pretty sweet with its brushed aluminium look. Far better than the cheap nasty blue of most cards. You can even run it over in most cars, although you wouldn’t want to try this, and I do not recommend it, it is nice to know it is sturdy.