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How the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is Holding up in 2020?

The Mate 20 Pro was Huawei’s flagship phone from late 2018. Featuring the full suite of Google apps, unlike the newer Mate 30 Pro, it is a fully featured flagship, even in 2020. But the big question is how has it been supported in the UK? Well here is the low-down…

Unlike some Chinese phones the Mate 20 Pro has been kept updated fairly well, certainly if you count security updates. It took a while to get Android 10, which personally I don’t mind as long as the security updates keep coming, which they did. EMUI 10 based on Android 10 came around January for the UK, however some got it earlier and later. My device is unlocked, so this may explain the middle ground.

The current state of play as of Mid April 2020 is:

Operating System: EMUI 10 based on Android 10.0
Android Security Patch: March 2020

The Huawei’s Battery life is still very good, but a little down from the “great” battery life I had before. Probably due to the hundreds of apps I have on my phone. I am a bit of an app hoarder! The battery capacity from new was a huge 4500mah, and with, the still modern today, 7nm based Kirin 980 chipset, battery life isn’t a concern. The included 40w charger is ridiculous too if you need a topup. Literally 5-10 minutes and you have enough battery boost for the rest of the day. Basically with the Mate 20 Pro you don’t have to think about battery. And that is all I want from a phone. This is especially true if you dive into Huawei’s battery saving settings. For reference, I leave the OLED screen with its always on display and have the phone on Huawei’s “balanced” performance which lowers the resolution to 720p (ish) when the battery is sub 20%.

So what about general speed? Well everyday tasks never stutter. This is down to a combination of the superb Kirin 980 as well as 6GB RAM and the UFS 2.1 storage. EMUI has a useful knuckle gesture to use the split screen mode and it really works nicely for multitasking. The Mate 20 Pro is a great performer for games too. Everything I have put on it, from Call of Duty to Mario Kart, have been flawless and on highest settings. You get a smooth 60fps on most games and the look great on the OLED. I have also used PlayStation Remote Play streaming with my Dual Shock 4 via both cable and bluetooth (since the Android 10 update bluetooth is enabled for remote play). This really shows off the screen, however the weight of the phone is a bit much for my controller holder. At 189g its a chunky phone, which I like in everyday use, however if it was a few grams lighter that would be great.

So what dont I like?

The curved screen. I DETEST curved screens on phones. They have no advantage bar looking nice. Give me a flat screen anyday. Because of the curved screen I sometimes get mis types and gestures which is infuriating as it is such a simple fix. I am also not keen on the in display fingerprint reader. It is good but its nowhere near as fast as my normal one on my old P20 Pro. The face unlock is nice though but it raises questions about its security.

The best bit?

Its a premium Huawei, so of cause its the camera. Is it a massive leap from my previous P20 Pro? (Click here to see our comparison between the P9 v P20 Pro for a true generational leap) On paper no, however in reality it is a step up, if not a leap. The inclusion of the ultrawide was the main reason I bought this phone. It really changes my photography, and I find myself using it about half the time I take photos. The selfie camera however is massively improved over the P20 Pro. Its not at the same quality of the rear cameras, but not a huge gap, like on the P20 Pro which had a very average front camera. The main 40mp camera has incredible colour and detail, and my favourite is the 3x optical zoom camera. It allows you to go to 5x zoom with hardly any detail loss, and in good light even 10x. It has made my pocket travel Canon camera nearly redundant. And if you want to take a bunch of photos and by an app hoarder like me you have 128GB AND expandable storage which is a rarity on a flagship device. Nice!

Overall the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is an excellent used buy in April 2020. You can pick them up for around £300 which it absolutely decimates the competition for its camera and premium build. Only a Pixel 3a camera comes close at this price point, but it lacks ultrawide and telephoto. The Pixel is a cheap phone (both build and feeling), has just 64gb storage and a weak mid range processor. If you can find one in like new condition it is well worth £300 and you wont get anything that performs this well everyday for that price.

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Samsung S10 Lite for £399 in UK

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is not like the old “Lite” range from Samsung. This in fact is arguably the best version of the S10 in the UK. Featuring looks form the S20, and an upgraded Snapdragon 855, which outperforms the UK S10 in nearly every metric, you are getting a proper flagship phone with a 20% off discount code to make it £399, or even cheap if you trade in a phone!

You might of missed the Galaxy S10 Lite, but it actually only came out in February 2020. It is a new line of the S models deisgned with a mix of S10 and S20 deisgn cues. It looks elegant and subtle with a small hole punch front camera, and the back has a very S20 camera bump while its not made from glass like its big brothers. It is a large phone but the gestures of the latest One UI 2.1, as of the April 2020 Android OS update, do help out a lot. The new firmware has build number G770FXXU2BTD2 and it comes with the Android security patch dated April 1, 2020. This software update also brings along new features to the Galaxy S10 Lite, which include Single Take, Pro Video, Quick Share and Music Share.

It has a 6.7 AMOLED screen and is nearly as big as the Note 10+! Its a great big screen and is clear in sunlight. It also comes with a huge 4500mAh battery, and combined with the SD855 processor, 6GB of RAM and the 25w fast charger it has all the power and endurance you will need.

The camera is a slight downgrade form the full fat versions, but its more of a change than a true downgrade. No telephoto lens here, but you still get an Ultrawide offering 128 degrees and a 48MP pixel binning Main camera. The standard HDR is really impressive on the main camera. Colours and sharpness are great in bright or dark conditions. However you probably want to use the night mode on the ultrawide for dark images. There is a macro lens too which I wouldn’t really use but it works well. The front facing selfie camera is good. It’s a 32mp snapper which does well with edge detection. Video quality is good, and the Snapdragon 855 means you can add the Google Camera app for even better HDR+ results in theory.

The S10 Lite is not really a “Lite” as you can tell. It is a great phone designed to take people away from the cheaper Chinese models flagships. If you are unsure about or cant get hold of a Xiaomi or Oppo, then the UK warranty, high-street store availability and familiarity of the Samsung Galaxy S10 name will do you well at this price. At £399 the only mainstream rivals are the Google Pixel 3a (soon to be replaced by the 4a). The Pixels have a top end camera, but only 64gb of storage, no SD slot for expansion and a far slower Snapdragon processor. Even the Pixel 4a only has a 730 series Snapdragon.

Basically with this deal from Samsung direct you are getting the best of both world. A near top end phone, that looks good, performs superbly, backed up by latest Android updates and a UK warranty direct with one of the biggest manufacturers. For £399 or even less if you trade in your old phone, that is a great deal. If you want more information check out the link or the GSMArena video review.

Use code “Samsung20” for 20% off. This is one of the best deals this month for a quality phone that will last you a very long time.

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Best Cheap Acer Gaming Laptops at Currys PC World for Covid Isolation Days March/April 2020

With many people using their laptops and PCs more now we are all stuck inside, some of us are starting to realise how outdated they are. With video game launches still going strong and some top graphically demanding games like Doom Eternal and Half Life Alyx being released recently, or you just want more frames on Call of Duty Warzone, or Apex Legends you might have decided enough is enough. Well the Chomping Turtle has scoured Currys PC World to find some not so hidden gems below £1000 in the gaming laptop space. The Acer Nitro 5 series of laptops

This post is not sponsored by Currys PC World, however it features affiliate links which mean if you click through onto the product and buy it will give us a small commission at no extra cost to you. So thank you.

Sub £700 – Acer Nitro 5 With Ryzen 5 and RX 560X

This laptop has been around in various forms for a while now. It has got a solid processor in the AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, and you get an SSD for the OS and then 1tb to store you games. The build quality wont blow you away, but it looks nice if you are into the “gamer” look. It has solid I/O with full HDMI so you can plug it into a TV, 3 USB type A ports and 1 USB C and a backlit keyboard.

The RX560X will plough through eSports titles like Fortnite (apparently at over 100FPS), Overwatch and CSGO. However you will have to lower some settings to play Doom Eternal etc.

Its a solid cheap gaming laptop and you get an IPS display, which is a nice addition at this price point. Being an Acer its upgradable to 16GB RAM pretty easily too which I would recommend as the 8GB will be shared between the GPU and the main memory. Plus you currently get 6 months free Spotify Premium from Currys PC World which is worth £60….

However before you buy…………

Sub £1000 – The £899 Acer Nitro 5 AN515 with Core i5-9300H and GTX 1660Ti

So what do you get for your £200 upgrade? Quite a lot actually. If you can afford it this is the Acer Nitro 5 to go for. It offers the best balance of price and performance. Its GPU the Nvidia GTX 1660Ti only came out last year and its all you will need for 1080p gaming. You will get well over 60FPS on nearly every game, with even the latest games like Doom Eternal being comfortably ran on high. The GTX 1660Ti is multiple generations better than the RX560X and will last you for a good few years yet.

That Core i5-9300H is a hex core processor and it is powerful, so will get through everyday tasks all day everyday. It even has an adequate webcam.

The IPS screen is still only 60HZ but Linus Tech Tips managed to overclock it to 90Hz, but your mileage will vary. All the other things I said about the Ryzen model still count, I would still get 16GB RAM and you still have great I/O so can plug it into a TV and have plenty of USBs. I’m not huge on the red keys but you might like them, and “gamer” look fans will like it.

For £899 this is a bargain, so I would get this over over the £669 model if you can afford it as you get so much more. But if you just play eSports games, maybe you can skip it. If you want to keep an i5 but cannot push for the 1660Ti there is a model with an older 1050 but it is the 3GB model which will only do eSports games.

Again you also currently get the 6 months of Spotify Premium. Hope that helps someone.

Order the Acer Nitro 5 AN515 from Currys PC World with free delivery by clicking the icon below

Acer Nitro 5 AN515 Right side ports
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Can the Amazon 4K Fire Stick Play on normal 1080p TVs? Now £29.99

Everyone knows what the Amazon Fire Stick is, and if you dont know what the 4k Fire Stick is, you can probably guess. But just in case its a beefed up Fire Stick which supports both 1080p older TVs and newer shiny 4K sets. At the moment Amazon have dropped the price on there website and in Currys PC World to just £29.99. Or you can get the normal Fire stick for just £20, well £19.99. Both come with the superb Alex voice remotes.

So Can the Amazon 4K Fire Stick Play on normal Full HD TVs?

Simple answer is yes. It is capable of playing on 720p (HD Ready), 1080p (Full HD) or 4K (Ultra HD) TVs. It also supports HDR 10 content and Dolby Vision. Ideal for supported services like Prime Video and Ultra HD Netflix.

Why Should you Go for the 4K Fire Stick with just a 1080p Full HD TV?

Simple put, power. The 4k Fire Stick has a faster 1.7GHz quad core processor and and extra 512MB of RAM 1.5GB total. Whereas the normal Fire Stick in 2020 has 1.3GHz and 1GB RAM. Doesnt sound a lot, but it is definitely snappier and the menus just work with a much nicer experience. If you are planning on modding the Fire Stick then the extra speed will definitely be handy.

Where to Buy

You can Buy the 4K Fire Stick using the links below. They are affiliate links, so buy using them you are supporting this website at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

amazon uk
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Refurbished iPad Pro 11 inch for £519 in UK

Unbelievable deal via Apple themselves. Yes the Corona virus mus be taking its toll as there is a legit deal on an Apple product, and one of the best Apple products and certainly one of the best tablets in the world if not THE best.. The 11 inch iPad Pro is an incredible device, with a massive amount of versatility.

They are selling a refurb iPad, which from Apple is an ACTUAL refurbishment, for just £519. This is for the 64GB model with the superb A12X processor and is the model that thankfully uses the USB C charging cable, although it only comes with a relatively slow 18w charger.

Its a great device, that is normally a bit too much money in my eyes, but for £519 you are getting a hell of a device.

Its available from Apple direct while stocks last and is the cheapest price in the UK for a quality near new Pro.

Click here to buy direct from Apple

Console Gaming PlayStation PS4 PS5 Deals

PS5 Revealed

The PlayStation 5 is here. Here are the highlights by Mark Cerny

  • 16gb GDDR6
  • SSD uses the RAM like extended storage
  • 0.27s to load 2gb data
  • Custom flash controller
  • 825gb SSD
  • UHD Blu Ray Disc
  • 5.5GB Per second flash controller
  • With compression 8gb per second
  • Can use a external “normal” harddrive for PS4 games
  • Bay for m2 SSD expansion
  • PS5 has 100x faster IO than PS4
  • Backwards compatible with PS4 at launch
  • Primitive Shaders – to use smooth LOD levels including on PS4 games
  • Ray Tracing on PS4 games possible
  • Cooling and noise looked at
  • 36 CU
  • Variable frequency, to solve heat issues
  • 2.23ghz GPU is 10.3 TF
  • 3.5ghz CPU
  • Improved Audio from 100s of 3d effect sources
  • Tempest 3D Audio Tech. Similar to SPU in PS3 for amazing 3d audio
  • DOLBY ATMOS support

Console Gaming Xbox Series X Deals

XBox Series X is a beast!

Bring on the PlayStation 5

The amazing guys at Digital Foundry have had chance to sit down with Microsoft to have a play, and even breakdown the Xbox Series X. And what a beast it is! You’ve probably read the details, but the highlights for me are the following:

  • 1TB Seagate SSD “Memory cards”
  • Potential for 2x Upscaling Xbox One games to 4k
  • A form factor like two GameCubes stacks on top of each other
  • 12TF of power with hardware ray tracing
  • No price yet, but expect £500+ as thats RTX2080 power!
  • No Sign of Series S (Lockhart)
Follow the guys at Digital Foundry they are amazing

We are just over an hour away from the PlayStation 5 reveal. My prediction is the PS5 will be VERY simlar in spec, however you never know there could be some surprises. I dont think it will look like the Series X though…

I really want one, for the backwards compatibility. Yes I can do it on a PC, but I think the single use console and its improvements are a great selling point.

PC Component Deals

Bargain Arctic Alpine 12 CPU Fan Cooler for £5.99

If your Intel CPU is getting a bit old and noisy, or you are moving to a thinner profile case, then you cant go far wrong with this Arctic Alpine 12 CPU cooler. Its a really low profile CPU fan which can fit in the tiniest of cases.

The CPU fan can run on processors up to 95w TDP and weighs under 300 grams. It doesnt require a mounting bracket, it just clips into place by lining up. Nice and easy! Sure it wont make your processor to be an overclocking king, but for a standard desktop build it will do nicely, especially at the current price of £5.99 on Amazon if you have Prime.

amazon uk
If you buy via this Amazon link, we may receive a small commission at no cost to you. It will help this site, so thank you.

Rest of the blurb from Arctic:

  • The ARCTIC Alpine 12 is a compact cooling solution for Intel CPU Socket 115X and recommended for CPU with a TDP up to 95 W.
  • A new production process of the extruded radial heatsink improves the cooling performance.
  • The high thermal conductivity of aluminum is fully retained by a new type of extrusion.
  • This new production process creates a powerful yet very compact radial heat sink.
  • The particularly thin cooling fins of the new Alpine are fanned out in a Y-shape.
  • This increases the surface area of the heat sink and therefore the cooling capacity.
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Lenovo Tab E10 Tablet – Cheapest price UK

Android tablets are a dying bread, not because they are bad but because Apple’s iPad dominates the market. However Lenovo have produced a decent tablet for people who don’t want to spend £400 on a tablet. The Lenovo Tab E10 is a 10in (10.1 actually) tablet with a modern smart look. And John Lewis have got it for a ridiclous £79 delivered or collection in store.

The tablet comes with 2 years warranty, and a six hour battery. While it wont set the world on fire, it has a good if unspectacular screen, certainly good enough for Netflix binging and social media. While the form factor is fairly light too.

Downsides, well it does only have 2GB of RAM so you wont be doing a million things at once with ease. This is something we would like to see Android tablets move away from as it limits them to media devices, but if this is just going to be a Netflix Facebook machine thats fine. With the Snapdragon 210 processor it will manage basic games, and if emulation is your thing anything from the 16bit era should be fine like SNES and Mega Drive. While the 16GB of storage means if you are going to a none wifi area on holiday, you will want an SD card for all your shows and films downloaded, which thankfully this is expandable.

Its a pretty thin tablet at only 8.9mm, and also comes with decent Dolby Atmos front firing speakers, not bad!

Overall the Lenovo E10 is a thin cheap tablet with a decent screen for £79 with a 2 year warranty. The Amazon Fire 10 is the nearest rival, but that you dont have the full Google Play Store, but it is a bit faster. thats available on offer for £99 but usual price is more like £149 and its certainly not twice as good.

If you want to buy the Lenovo Tab E10 tablet, and support us then please click the link below which gives us a small percentage at no extra cost to you.

Lenovo Tab E10
Click above to buy / view more details
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo is Out Now in UK

And I played it, and finished it…

It feels kind of strange writing that, but it is true that today, 2nd March 2020 the wait is finally over and Square-Enix or Squaresoft if you prefer have release the demo of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

I have hidden away from the hype too much, and have to say I was absolutely blown away by the intro. Aeris, Midgar, the train… all beautifully done, sometimes as a near shot for shot remake, and sometimes as a tribute.

The game however plays entirely differently, and I think for the better on first impression. Its now like a third person action game, with hints of FF15, which never grabbed me. As solo Cloud in your party it feels very much like a DmC style game, which takes a bit of getting used to, but once you unlock magic and other things it feels like a modern Final Fantasy game. It also took some getting used to switching between characters and letting them do their own thing. I lost Cloud on the main battle at the end of the demo for example.

Overall the demo is about an hour and half long. You get to interact with Jessie, Biggs, Wedge and of course play as Barrett. All of the characters looks amazing, and you get an incredible sense of scale iwth the world. Plus that tease of Aeris and Cloud… I wont say much but you probably already know if you want to play this. If you havent played FF7 before, dont be put off as its quite different due to the lack of turn based gameplay. Instead as you are going through the menus you get some slick slow down bullet time action. It really works nicely.

The games looks stunning on the PS4 Pro on a 4K screen. Will have to wait for the DF analysis but looks like a 4k checkerboard solution based on some of the hair edges. Predictably plays at 30FPS. Didnt notice many frame drops. Really is a stunning title on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Download the demo for free on PSN and order the game now from Amazon or where ever (link below for Amazon UK’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

amazon uk
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