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Can the Amazon 4K Fire Stick Play on normal 1080p TVs? Now £29.99

Everyone knows what the Amazon Fire Stick is, and if you dont know what the 4k Fire Stick is, you can probably guess. But just in case its a beefed up Fire Stick which supports both 1080p older TVs and newer shiny 4K sets. At the moment Amazon have dropped the price on there website and in Currys PC World to just £29.99. Or you can get the normal Fire stick for just £20, well £19.99. Both come with the superb Alex voice remotes.

So Can the Amazon 4K Fire Stick Play on normal Full HD TVs?

Simple answer is yes. It is capable of playing on 720p (HD Ready), 1080p (Full HD) or 4K (Ultra HD) TVs. It also supports HDR 10 content and Dolby Vision. Ideal for supported services like Prime Video and Ultra HD Netflix.

Why Should you Go for the 4K Fire Stick with just a 1080p Full HD TV?

Simple put, power. The 4k Fire Stick has a faster 1.7GHz quad core processor and and extra 512MB of RAM 1.5GB total. Whereas the normal Fire Stick in 2020 has 1.3GHz and 1GB RAM. Doesnt sound a lot, but it is definitely snappier and the menus just work with a much nicer experience. If you are planning on modding the Fire Stick then the extra speed will definitely be handy.

Where to Buy

You can Buy the 4K Fire Stick using the links below. They are affiliate links, so buy using them you are supporting this website at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

amazon uk
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Refurbished iPad Pro 11 inch for £519 in UK

Unbelievable deal via Apple themselves. Yes the Corona virus mus be taking its toll as there is a legit deal on an Apple product, and one of the best Apple products and certainly one of the best tablets in the world if not THE best.. The 11 inch iPad Pro is an incredible device, with a massive amount of versatility.

They are selling a refurb iPad, which from Apple is an ACTUAL refurbishment, for just £519. This is for the 64GB model with the superb A12X processor and is the model that thankfully uses the USB C charging cable, although it only comes with a relatively slow 18w charger.

Its a great device, that is normally a bit too much money in my eyes, but for £519 you are getting a hell of a device.

Its available from Apple direct while stocks last and is the cheapest price in the UK for a quality near new Pro.

Click here to buy direct from Apple

Cameras and Lenses

Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR: Cheapest Price in UK

The Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR is another innovative product that brings a surprising change and excitement in the field of digital photography. This state of the art camera has taken the photography world by storm as it guarantees high quality images, thanks to its special features that set it apart from other DSLRs you can find today.  Compared to other brands and levels of digital camera, the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR is said to provide the best shots and excellent image quality. The excellent specifications, and features of the camera help to push your photography into a different class. Let stake a closer look.

The Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR has a 20.2 MP full frame sensor, digital image processor, continuous shooting capability and an ideal metering system. The EOS 6D adopts a silent shutter mode and 97 % viewfinder coverage. It also offers standard and expanded range for the convenience of the users. The appearance and design of this digital camera is truly eye-catching and its highly recommended features are enough reason to persuade camera enthusiasts and other individuals connected to digital photography to choose this product. It is the ideal camera for those who want professional quality without compromise.

The EOS range of Digital SLRs are a leading brand of full frame digital camera. This brand really provides everything you need starting from its features, satisfying capabilities, functionality and performance. This is perfect for everyone especially for travel photographers who have the desire to have the perfect shots and high quality images along their trips.  With the EOS 6D, Canon also includes WiFi and GPS technology that is built into the camera body. Although WiFi begins to appear in compact cameras, it has more use for professional grade cameras, as you can upload to your computer/tablet or smartphone on the fly for prints etc. . Images can also be directly sent to a printer that is WiFi enabled. However, one thing that is bound to get the interest of photographers is the fact that you can also use it for turning your smartphone to a wireless remote control through the EOS remote application of Canon for Android or iOS, complete with inclusive control of the exposure settings and a live view.

The Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR is appreciably better value than any other brands in this price bracket. Its features and over-all performance is undeniably great. As you would expect, you get excellent build quality to match those images. This brand of digital camera allows users to have the freedom to select their most preferred shooting mode and can easily adjust the screen settings whenever they wished to. This is also possible because of the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR’s easy to use learning curve.

As for the image quality, Canon EOS 6D will surely impress its users with its photo quality as this can deliver outstanding noise reduction and JPEG processing, great tonal quality and dynamic range as well as accurate colors when you alter the defaults. It offers relatively clean JPEG shots through ISO 800 to ISO 1600, even for the large prints. EOS 6D can also produce excellent images in various conditions, complete with remarkably pleasing color reproduction and skin tones. Even in complex shooting conditions, you can also expect for good dynamic range, complete with details for both shadow and bright areas.

Full video capture is also made possible through this specific brand of Canon digital camera, and the video coverage is accompanied with high quality sound and audio visual. This is definitely the brand that has the ability to shoot or capture excellent video footages in broadcast quality.

If you are looking for a quality DSLR camera that manages to combine looks, performance and functionality in one package, the Canon EOS 6D is just your perfect choice. Likewise, professionals  cannot go wrong with the Canon EOS 6D. Both photos and video are outstanding, whilst it is definitely built to last and not built to a price. It provides you with all the equipment you need to take your photography to another level. A phenomenal piece of equipment.

John Lewis currently have the Canon EOS 6D available with a free 2 year warranty for £1799


Amazon with the standard manufacturer warranty from £1465

amazon uk




Laptops and Netbooks

Cheapest Price Ultrabooks – Benefits of “the new class” of Laptop

Intro to Ultrabooks:

There is a lot of excitement that is happening regarding the latest Ultra Notebooks. You will notice that how the best Ultrabooks are now very superior to the old model notebook. If you have never used one before, in the first place it is important not to be fooled by the sizes of the Ultrabooks although they might look extremely thin they operate just like the normal full size notebooks. They are not netbooks. Comparison of Ultrabooks to Netbooks is a kind of a joke taking into account the lack of functioning of the Netbook. Although the Ultrabooks are superior to the Netbooks, there are now a range of cheaper versions making it a more affordable option.

Importance of Ultrabooks:

One of the most fastest moving electronic gadgets on the market these days is the cheapest price Ultrabook. There are plenty of reasons why these Ultrabooks are so popular, fast moving and have created excitement among the people. The Ultrabook combines ample power and features, with huge portability and battery life. As mentioned before, the Ultrabooks have plenty of features that are worth spending on.

Features of Ultrabook:

The latest Ultrabooks are very unique, as well as thinner and lighter than that of the usual laptops. It weighs around 3.1 pound and the thickness is about 0.8 inches which makes it very easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. Construction is normally a class above typical laptop ranges, which creates a premium feel with the price. The Ultrabooks are at most, half the weight and thickness of an average laptop. Another amazing feature of even the cheapest price Ultrabook is its battery life which has at least five or more hours. The chief reason for this battery back up is the new Ivy Bridge Processor which runs very efficiently on a low voltage, and in many cases solid state hard drive, which are lightning fast as well as battery efficient vs a mechanical hard drive.

Additional Advantages in the Features:

Many people love the latest features on Ultrabooks since they are available with touch screen and also they are intuitive and quicker than “normal” laptops. The latest Ultrabooks have blurred the gap between tablets and laptops. With a touch screen the functions can be done faster when compared to the laptops or computers, particularly when users mix a gesticulation based interface with a keyboard and track pad.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Price Ultrabook?

Chomping Turtle recommends John Lewis for all ultrabook purchases over £599. This is because you get a full FREE three year warranty. That includes the latest Apple Macbook Air.

Recommend Items (Cheapest to Most Expensive):
Lenovo Ideapad U310, Samsung 530U4C-A01, HP Spectre XT 13-2000ea


Laptops and Netbooks

Samsung 530U4B-A03 Ultrabook, 2 year warranty – £649.95

You have seen the adverts, Ultrabooks are rightfully all the rage thanks to superb design, loads of power and slimline designs which allow for go anywhere access and this Samsung 530U4B-A03 Ultrabook is one of the cheapest, but has all the benefits of the more expensive models.

How does the Samsung 530U4B-A03 differ from the £1000+ ultrabooks?

The main reason for the price difference is the lack of a SSD. However some people prefer the larger HDD capacity you get on a normal drive. This Samsung ultrabook has a huge 500GB, compared to some only having 128GB via an SSD.

How does it match up to other ultrabooks?

Samsung are on to a winner here as it is over £300 cheaper than most ultrabooks, but on paper does not lack in features, or crucially in this sector, design. It looks stunning, and it is feature rich with USB3.0, HDMI, 6GB of RAM and a Core i3 Processor which is more than enough speed for most people. Plus unusually for an ultrabook you get a CD/DVD drive. Nice niche carved out here by Samsung. Also if you buy from John Lewis you get a free two year warranty which is not standard in the UK.



More images and information on the 530U4B-A03 laptop:

Samsung 530U4B-A03 Ultrabook, Intel Core i3, 1.4GHz, 6GB RAM, 500GB with 14 Inch Display, Silver

Laptops and Netbooks

Toshiba Satellite C670-17L 17.3 inch Laptop – £399

If you are looking for a large screen cheap laptop then look now further than the superb Toshiba Satellite C670-17L with its 17.3 inch screen and powerful Intel Core i3 processor. Lets take a closer look at this high specification but cheap 17 inch laptop.

The headline specification for this laptop is good. It has a second generation Intel Core i3-2330M dual core processor, which is superb on battery life while also boosting performance. The laptop is also ideal for families as it has a huge 640GB hard drive for all your photos and videos. Storage space will not be a problem. Neither will running multiple programs as the Core i3 in this Toshiba laptop is backed up by a huge 6GB of fast DDR3 RAM.

Wifi is built in and you can even use Skype / Facebook messenger with the built in webcam. If you ever wanted to back things up you can use the inbuilt DVD burner, as well as use it to watch your favourite DVDs or install games.

The laptop comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and plenty of USBs for all your iPods, memory sticks etc.

Overall this is a really powerful, and if bought like new a cheap 17 inch laptop from Toshiba.

Click on the Toshiba Satellite C670-17L for more information

  • Item model number: PSC3UE-01Y009EN
  • ASIN: B005TU8AZS

Toshiba Satellite C670-17L , 6GB RAM, Intel Core i3, 640GB Hard Drive, Wifi,

Android Gaming Devices, Tablets and iPads

Blackberry Playbook 16GB – £169.99 Delivered

That’s right, you read it correctly you can now get the Blackberry Playbook 16GB for just £169.99 delivered. As many of you know the Playbook is a powerful, superb device but it is lacking in a few areas. However this is all about to change as on February the 17th the OS 2.0 is released. This will add a host of extras that will bring it into play. There is also the ability to add selected Android Apps to the Blackberry.

At £169 from Currys this is a superb deal for tablet fans.











Laptops and Netbooks

COMPAQ CQ57-302EA/SA 15.6″ LAPTOP – £299.99 COMET

If you are looking for a good laptop for your family, then this COMPAQ CQ57-302EA/SA is perfect. It is under £300, and comes with a huge 4GB of RAM and a Dual Core AMD processor to power up Windows 7 Home Premium. It is on offer at Comet and due to it being Comet you can get it on reserve and collect as well as delivered to your door.

Battery life is good at nearly 5 hours, and it has all the extras a teenager, or a family could want like a good webcam, plenty of hard drive space (320GB), good build quality, stylish conservative looks and most importantly a great price.











A perfect balance of technology and appearance, this notebook makes it easy to do more and stay connected. This is the first choice for a worry-free PC experience, at a price you can afford.

Laptops and Netbooks

Acer Aspire 5733/750 with Core i3 for £369.99

This is a great deal for a Christmas bargain if you have not got your presents done already. It is for a powerful Core i3 powered laptop with 5GB of RAM a and a huge 750GB hard drive. This is a good deal because it features a speedy 2.4GHz Core i3 and a hard drive which is big enough to replace a desktop. You would have to take a lot of photos to fill that! It also has a good 3-4 hour battery which is typical for a laptop of this size and power. You can also collect it in store if you do not trust delivery.



Buy from Comet for £369



The Acer Aspire Series offers a diverse range of notebooks that give you the performance, graphics and communication tools to step up your digital entertainment, complete your daily computing tasks, and stay in touch with everyone you know, whether you’re at home or away.

Laptops and Netbooks

Apple MacBook Pro with Core i5 for £893 – Over £100 off Voucher Code

If you have been looking for a MacBook Pro for Christmas now is the time to buy. Dixons have code a voucher code for 5% off. While this does not sound a lot it can mean over £100 off. This deal is for the new second generation Core i5 MacBook Pro. Linked is a great deal on the MacBook Pro for £893.

Discount Code: XMAS5
Buy from Dixons for £893


The Apple MD313B/A MacBook Pro 13.3″ Laptop comes driven by the 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM i5-2415M Processor and has the sleek Mac OS X 10.7 Lion operating system pre-installed. Supplied with 4GB of RAM and a generous 5000GB hard drive, this chic metal-bodied laptop has speed and storage space to spare.

The Apple of your eye

With a striking 13.3″ widescreen LED backlit display offering 1280 x 800 resolution, an integrated DVD writer and 2.1-channel speaker system, the MD313B/A MacBook Pro 13.3″ Laptop is ready to play hard and work hard.

This impressive laptop also sports Apple’s innovative, blisteringly fast Thunderbolt port, which offers input/output speeds which, at up to 10Gbps, are more than 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and 12 times faster than FireWire 800. It can deliver support for video and eight-channel audio and easily hook up with HDMI-compatible devices via an adapter.

The Lion’s share of the work

OS X Lion offers so much with full screen apps through the Launchpad desktop, AirDrop which allows you to share files wirelessly without the need for WiFi, and Version, which takes screenshots of your documents, showing you different versions of the document as it is has progressed.

FaceTime Connection

Stay connected with FaceTime, the intelligent, vibrant camera that comes with the Apple MacBook Pro. FaceTime supports full WGXA resolution on your MacBook resulting in colourful, superb quality.

You’ll find plenty of other great ways to network and communicate on your MacBook Pro 13.3″ Laptop. Full Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, 2 USB ports, audio in/out – as well as the FaceTime HD camera!

In addition to all this, the Apple MD313B/A MacBook Pro 13.3″ Laptop offers a remarkable battery life of up to 7 hours, an effortless multi-touch trackpad and many more great Mac features you’ll enjoy discovering!