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Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 Ultrabook, Silver – £599.95

Most ultrabooks are expensive but speedy laptops around the £1000 mark, however this Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 ultrabook attempts to buck this trend by costing half of that. Lets see if this budget Dell ultrabook can carve its own, quite wanted niche. It is available from John Lewis exclusively at £599.95 with a free two year warranty.

Well if you are looking for an ultrabook then you are requiring, small form factor, powerful processing power, a good battery life and stylish looks. Now at this price there has to be compromises, but lets be honest, not everyone needs a £1000 laptop! So what has been left out to make the grade? Firstly it looks great. The chassis of the laptop is very thin (much thinner than it looks in photos) and although it is not a unibody design, it feels sturdy. The battery is also very good, at a quoted seven hours. This is impressive for such a thin laptop and should see most people throughout an entire working day.

The performance is the one area on paper which you see the compromise. Instead of the £1000 ultrabooks Core i7 and SSD powered machines, you get an Intel Core i3-2367M combined with 4GB of RAM and a large 500GB hard drive. If you are not sure about computers you may see some cheaper PCs with 6GB RAM and think they are faster. 4GB of RAM is more than enough for even heavy day to day tasks with Windows 7. The performance is solid and is not that far off the Core i5 ultrabooks that have normal hard drives like this does, rather than SSDs.

The advantage of having a traditional hard drive is you get much more space for a lot less money. With 500GB you have plenty of room fro even the most keen photographer, or movie fan. Speaking of which the screen for those movies is very good. It is a HD screen and comes with the built in Intel HD graphics card, which allows playback of High Definition movies. It wont play the latest commercial games with full quality, but older games and online ones like on Facebook it will run smoothly and fast.

This 14z-5423 is also packed full of connectivity options. This means you have plenty of USBs for your external mouse, iPod, camera etc.Unlike some ultrabooks the Dell 14z-5423 also has a DVD drive.

Overall this is a great value laptop and is very worthy of a purchase. If you want portability, but without the high price tag of many ultrabooks, then this could be the one for you. Plus because it is from John Lewis it comes with a free two year warranty and 90 days free software support.

Price: £599.95

Available From:


Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 Ultrabook, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, Intel Core i3 Processor, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft Office Starter 2010

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Acer Aspire AS5733-386 15.6″ Laptop Review

The cheapest price for this Acer Aspire AS5733-386 is now just over £300. This is superb value for a feature rich laptop. It is a superb everyday laptop which is available from Currys now.

Is the Acer Aspire AS5733-386 a good family Laptop?

The simple answer is yes. It has got a Core i3 processor, which is fast and responsive to all everyday tasks. While it is not the latest Ivy Bridge Core i3 (which are much more expensive), it will handle the Internet, music, HD video, Microsoft Office and more with ease. Thanks to a good size hard drive it will store most families full music collections.

  • Processor clock speed: 2530 MHz
  • Processor family: Intel Core i3
  • Processor model: i3-380M
  • Hard Drive: 320GB
  • Memory: 3GB DDR3

The AS5733-386 also comes with plenty of ports so you can add USB flash drives and hard drives for backup or additional storage. It also has a VGA port so you can plug the laptop into an external monitor. It also offers a webcam for Skype etc, and full 802.11b/g/n WiFi so you get the fastest speed. This Acer Aspire AS5733-386 laptop is compatible with BT Infinity and the fastest Virgin Media packages.

For more information or to buy click on the Currys logo below


Last Minute Christmas Gifts requiring no posting

Ok so there is not long to go before Christmas so what presents can you get 100% before Christmas? Well Amazon are saying last shipping day is the 23rd but you will have to pay for that, and what happens if there is a backlog or it snows? Well we have the answer.

Gift Cards. Once in the realm of “I dont know what to get” has become a superb way of buying something cool when time is of the issue.

Buy A Gift offer a range of things for literally everyone. Our favourite is the Ferrari driving experience and the Nissan GTR day. Great for any car fan, and they are 100% exchangeable if you are not sure what car they like, or even what experience. This means you can buy a car voucher and they can exchange it for a make over, if you got it that wrong! You can pick to have the voucher “shipped” straight away to your email as an e-voucher.

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Got a friend who like reading? they own a Kindle or are getting one for Christmas like 99% of the population apparently, then how about an Amazon Kindle themed gift voucher? They can use it on anything on Amazon, but what a great way to get something useful!

Click below to view the full range of Gift Cards from Amazon





Problem solved? Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. We will keep you posted with the greatest post Christmas deals. Have fun whatever you do! Speak to you all soon!

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Steve Jobs has died.

Today Steve Jobs died after losing his battle with cancer. Whilst I am not an Apple “fanboy” I appreciate what he has done for the computer industry, and anyone how has seen his Stanford speech will appreciate he was a great inspirational man.

Steven Paul “SteveJobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Link to his amazing speech in 2005