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Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 Ultrabook, Silver – £599.95

Most ultrabooks are expensive but speedy laptops around the £1000 mark, however this Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 ultrabook attempts to buck this trend by costing half of that. Lets see if this budget Dell ultrabook can carve its own, quite wanted niche. It is available from John Lewis exclusively at £599.95 with a free two year warranty.

Well if you are looking for an ultrabook then you are requiring, small form factor, powerful processing power, a good battery life and stylish looks. Now at this price there has to be compromises, but lets be honest, not everyone needs a £1000 laptop! So what has been left out to make the grade? Firstly it looks great. The chassis of the laptop is very thin (much thinner than it looks in photos) and although it is not a unibody design, it feels sturdy. The battery is also very good, at a quoted seven hours. This is impressive for such a thin laptop and should see most people throughout an entire working day.

The performance is the one area on paper which you see the compromise. Instead of the £1000 ultrabooks Core i7 and SSD powered machines, you get an Intel Core i3-2367M combined with 4GB of RAM and a large 500GB hard drive. If you are not sure about computers you may see some cheaper PCs with 6GB RAM and think they are faster. 4GB of RAM is more than enough for even heavy day to day tasks with Windows 7. The performance is solid and is not that far off the Core i5 ultrabooks that have normal hard drives like this does, rather than SSDs.

The advantage of having a traditional hard drive is you get much more space for a lot less money. With 500GB you have plenty of room fro even the most keen photographer, or movie fan. Speaking of which the screen for those movies is very good. It is a HD screen and comes with the built in Intel HD graphics card, which allows playback of High Definition movies. It wont play the latest commercial games with full quality, but older games and online ones like on Facebook it will run smoothly and fast.

This 14z-5423 is also packed full of connectivity options. This means you have plenty of USBs for your external mouse, iPod, camera etc.Unlike some ultrabooks the Dell 14z-5423 also has a DVD drive.

Overall this is a great value laptop and is very worthy of a purchase. If you want portability, but without the high price tag of many ultrabooks, then this could be the one for you. Plus because it is from John Lewis it comes with a free two year warranty and 90 days free software support.

Price: £599.95

Available From:


Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 Ultrabook, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, Intel Core i3 Processor, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft Office Starter 2010

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Apple MacBook Pro MD313 13 inch Laptop 2012 – £938.87

If you have been debating getting an Apple laptop recently then this Macbook Pro MD313 is what you are looking. It comes in comfortably under £1000 yet offers all the power you need and expect from an Apple. It has the latest dual core Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of fast DDR3 RAM to move things along. All this is combined with the latest version of OSX Lion.

This latest MD313B/A model offers a healthy 500GB hard drive which is enough storage for all your photos and videos. Even if this is used as a family laptop you will be hard pushed to fill this. Being a top of the line Apple it looks fantastic and because of the latest software it is very fast also. This particular model is also future proof thanks to its Thunderbolt port which offers the latest speeds for gadgets. It is uncommon at the moment but it is something being pushed by Apple and Intel so will become more prominent in the coming year. A great free addition to this laptop.

The screen is high quality, and being a 13 inch laptop it is truly portable, without compensating having to squint after a lot of usage due to size. Battery life is also good, and because it is a Mac you can use apps like FaceTime HD, just as you can with your iPhone or iPad. It is currently on offer at Amazon for just £938.87. As you can gather this Macbook Pro MD313 offers the best in power and portability and is the Macbook Pro you want.

Click on the Apple Macbook Pro MD313 laptop image for more information






Available on Amazon with free delivery



Alternatively buy now at Currys online or reserve and collect in store


Essential Specifications:

Model Number: MD313B/A, Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2.4GHz, RAM 4GB, HDD 500GB Graphics SD card slot, Thunderbolt port,

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Lenovo Essential G575 15.6″ Laptop, Dual Core, 4GB RAM, £299

If you are simply looking for a cheap, but well built dual core laptop then this Lenovo G575 could be what you are looking for. It offers plenty of storage space for all your videos etc, 750GB, and it has a dual core processor with 4GB of RAM to back it up. If you simply like to access the internet, go on Facebook, watch videos etc then this is the ideal laptop for you. Great for students, it looks smart and professional and because it is a Lenovo, who traditionally make business laptops you know it will be built to last.


For more information on the Lenovo Essential G575 click on the laptop below





Available from Currys to reserve and collect in store or delivered



Essential Specifications:
Processor: Dual-core AMD E-300 processor
Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
Memory: 4GB
Hard drive: 750GB

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Lenovo C320 20 inch Multi Touch All-in-One Desktop PC for £449.99

If you are fed up of having a PC with all the bits taking up a lot of room then an All in One PC is a great idea like this stylish Lenovo C320 All in One PC. It is backed up by the powerful Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and a large 500GB hard drive. So basically it can do anything you throw at it, even modern games on low settings, although this is not made for games, it is made for interactive media.

As you can guess from the title it has a 20 inch touch screen which is responsive, however until Windows 8 comes out it is more for occasional use. Windows 7 is included, but when 8 comes out you can upgrade. What you will get more than occasional use from is the superb display itself. Being an all in one, the PC looks great on your desktop, and the screen does not let the side down. It is LED back lit, and it crisp and sharp thanks to its HD resolution.

There are also plenty of ports on the Lenovo C320, which is rare on all in one PCs, so it means you have access to all your USB devices without swapping much. It also has built in Wifi with the fast Draft-N.

Overall the Lenovo C320 is a great way to clear your desk and replace everything with a fast, stylish machine at a good price.

Click on the PC to read more information on the C320 desktop PC


To buy please see the latest price on Amazon UK

Intel Core i3-2120, RAM 4GB,HDD 500GB, DVD-R,


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HP Pavilion G6 15.6 inch Laptop with 4GB RAM for £349.99 in Pink, Blue, Red and Charcoal Grey

Another hell of a deal for lovers of pink! Here is the popular HP Pavilion G6 laptop reduced in price but not in specification. You have the choice of two great dual core processors, one by AMD and one Intel Core i3. Plus you get a huge 500GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM. This means the HP G6 will handle everyday Windows tasks with ease. So if you like playing movies, music or games on the internet / facebook you will have no problems with this laptop. Plus it is available in many colours which would suit all tastes and ages of users, not just a pink laptop!

Don’t like pink but want that power and finish? You can get it in Blue, two Red colours or Charcoal Grey (£50 more with i3 processor) for the same price.

The stand out features of this laptop for this price are:
15 inch screen with good viewing angles and colour
Dual Core processors,
Stunning colourful body,
Great battery life (up to 6 hours on AMD model),
From £349 (£399 for Core i3 charcoal grey)


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APPLE MacBook Pro 13″ Laptop – Silver Core i5, 4GB, 750GB – £999.99 Currys

As seen on TV this amazing deal from Currys has £200 off this powerful Apple MacBook Pro at only £999.99. It is the latest model for late 2011 with the second generation Core i5-2415M processor, 4GB of RAM and 750GB hard drive. Like the Asus X54H-SX270V model previous shown on this website it has a big enough hard drive and is quick enough to replace your desktop. Being an Apple Macbook Pro it has superb build quality and looks.






The silver Apple MacBook Pro 13″ Laptop brings the perfect combination of technology and style for real computer elegance.

Exemplary performance

The sizzling new MacBook Pro boasts a 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM i5-2415M processor that delivers incredible speeds. The impressive processing is bolstered by an Intel® HD Graphics 3000 processor that drives your everyday computer use smoothly and efficiently. The laptop is well equipped to handle even the most demanding tasks.

By way of operation, it comes with the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion for a supreme performance! A 750GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM mean this laptop lives up to its name in multitasking and performance.

Lightening fast

Now here’s where it gets interesting! This sleek and stylish MacBook features the striking Thunderbolt technology that allows you to connect high performance peripherals to your notebook and uses speeds exceeding those of USB 3.0. You can now run a number of different peripherals such as an LED cinema display and five others without it affecting the operating speed!

Entertainment and more!

The MacBook Pro has a 1.3MP camera, so your video call is boosted in crisp, clear quality. You are well connected with the latest 802.11n wireless technology and Bluetooth wireless for those easy transfer options.

The notebook comes with two USB ports and a FireWire 800 port for your data transfer needs. There’s even an SDXC card slot so you can swiftly upload your photos straight from the digital camera’s memory card.

The in-built DVD-RW drive allows you to burn DVDs with rapid speeds, and there’s even pre-installed software for great DVD editing options. As you would expect from Apple, there is a host of impressive software packages pre-installed and ready to make your daily computer tasks fun and easy – enjoy computing the Mac way!

This MacBook has up to 7 hours unplugged battery life – great for when you take it on long journeys!

On top of all that, the Apple MacBook Pro 13″ Laptop has a sleek, elegant design that really makes it a thing of beauty.

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ASUS X53U-SX278V 15.6 inch laptop £299.99 – COMET

If you are after a Christmas sale bargain that you can order online or reserve and collect in store then this Asus X53U-SX278V laptop is a superb choice for everyday computing or students. It has a Dual Core AMD processor, which has a great balance between battery life and power. Plus its 750GB hard drive is easily large enough to replace a desktop, as it will store hundreds of thousands of photos and more.

As a bonus, it looks great and because it is Asus, it is built really well and has a great screen which is really bright and clear. The Asus X53 series is a favourite for Chomping Turtle for its price and what you get for the money.









Asus 15” laptop with AMD Dual Core Accelerated E450 processor, 4GB memory & 750GB storage. Asus X53U Series laptop with Windows 7. £299.99 from Comet