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Samsung S10 Lite for £399 in UK

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is not like the old “Lite” range from Samsung. This in fact is arguably the best version of the S10 in the UK. Featuring looks form the S20, and an upgraded Snapdragon 855, which outperforms the UK S10 in nearly every metric, you are getting a proper flagship phone with a 20% off discount code to make it £399, or even cheap if you trade in a phone!

You might of missed the Galaxy S10 Lite, but it actually only came out in February 2020. It is a new line of the S models deisgned with a mix of S10 and S20 deisgn cues. It looks elegant and subtle with a small hole punch front camera, and the back has a very S20 camera bump while its not made from glass like its big brothers. It is a large phone but the gestures of the latest One UI 2.1, as of the April 2020 Android OS update, do help out a lot. The new firmware has build number G770FXXU2BTD2 and it comes with the Android security patch dated April 1, 2020. This software update also brings along new features to the Galaxy S10 Lite, which include Single Take, Pro Video, Quick Share and Music Share.

It has a 6.7 AMOLED screen and is nearly as big as the Note 10+! Its a great big screen and is clear in sunlight. It also comes with a huge 4500mAh battery, and combined with the SD855 processor, 6GB of RAM and the 25w fast charger it has all the power and endurance you will need.

The camera is a slight downgrade form the full fat versions, but its more of a change than a true downgrade. No telephoto lens here, but you still get an Ultrawide offering 128 degrees and a 48MP pixel binning Main camera. The standard HDR is really impressive on the main camera. Colours and sharpness are great in bright or dark conditions. However you probably want to use the night mode on the ultrawide for dark images. There is a macro lens too which I wouldn’t really use but it works well. The front facing selfie camera is good. It’s a 32mp snapper which does well with edge detection. Video quality is good, and the Snapdragon 855 means you can add the Google Camera app for even better HDR+ results in theory.

The S10 Lite is not really a “Lite” as you can tell. It is a great phone designed to take people away from the cheaper Chinese models flagships. If you are unsure about or cant get hold of a Xiaomi or Oppo, then the UK warranty, high-street store availability and familiarity of the Samsung Galaxy S10 name will do you well at this price. At £399 the only mainstream rivals are the Google Pixel 3a (soon to be replaced by the 4a). The Pixels have a top end camera, but only 64gb of storage, no SD slot for expansion and a far slower Snapdragon processor. Even the Pixel 4a only has a 730 series Snapdragon.

Basically with this deal from Samsung direct you are getting the best of both world. A near top end phone, that looks good, performs superbly, backed up by latest Android updates and a UK warranty direct with one of the biggest manufacturers. For £399 or even less if you trade in your old phone, that is a great deal. If you want more information check out the link or the GSMArena video review.

Use code “Samsung20” for 20% off. This is one of the best deals this month for a quality phone that will last you a very long time.

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Android Gaming Devices, Tablets and iPads

DEAL – Kindle Fire HD 8.9 – £127 delivered

Another tablet deal, this time its for the previous generation Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch tablet. Upon UK release, this was one of the highest resolution tablets below 9 inchs, featuring an above Full HD 1920×1200 resolution, which is good even today. The screen is beautiful and ideal for LoveFilm (now Amazon Instant Video) and reading magazines. At £127 you are getting a fully supported full size tablet for 7inch tablet price.

So what is the catch?

Well the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is not the latest Kindle Fire, which is the HDX range. If you are a hard core gamer, then this might put you off as its 1.5GHz dual core processor isnt a match to the Nexus 7’s Snapdragon processor. However if you are a casual gamer, or just want to watch films, browse online and read then why not save yourself a hundred and forty pounds over the HDX and grab an absolute steal. If you have Amazon Prime you now have LoveFilm (now called Amazon Instant Video) included which for tablets is only available on Kindle Fires.  Videos are particularly good on this tablet as the speakers are some of, if not the best of any full size tablet. You also get full access to the Amazon Appstore which is getting better by the day and includes a free paid for app everyday.

If buying for someone who you know would be a “casual” user, or if you dont demand the fastest machine in the world and just want a well built device with a great screen, there isn’t much that comes close to the Fire HD 8.9, except the Nook HD+ which is good but a bit fatter, and cheaper looking and also discontinued.

For Android modders, you can even put KitKat 4.4 on it 🙂

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PC Component Deals PC Gaming

DEAL – AMD FX8320 Black Edition 8 Core 3.5Ghz/4.0GHz – £107.97 Amazon

This deal for the superb FX8320 Black Edition processor from AMD come hot from the latest Kaveri APUs being released. This one is for serious gamers, who have a graphics card already (or plan to get one in a system build.  The FX8320 is a superb processor, featuring 8, EIGHT, core running at 3.5GHz (with turbo to 4.0GHz). And this is known to be a very overclockable CPU, so performance can be pushed even further even with the stock cooler.

With modern console games having to be optimised for 8 cores, this will mean that PC games will also finally start to take advantage of more than four cores regularly. This combined with AMD Mantle, should help boost the performance of this chip for years to come. Even without this, at just over £100 you cannot beat the FX8320 for power to the Pound. At £107.97 on Amazon it’s a steal.


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WATCH A VIDEO TO SEE THE FX8320 IN ACTION ON CRYSIS 3 WITH A HD7870 (A great budget setup which will do 1080p at 60FPS all day long):

Hard Drives PC Component Deals

DEAL – Samsung M3 1TB USB 3.0 Slimline Portable Hard Drive £49.98

Samsung portable hard drives are a safe, reliable way to back up your data. This portable hard drive requires no external power and has 1 terabyte of space for under £50 at just £49.98.  Remarkable price for a top brand item. Dont skimp on a piece of equipment deisgned to hold data. Stick with someone like Samsung.

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Laptops and Netbooks

ASUS X53U-SX317V 15.6in Laptop – £299.99

If you are looking for a powerful cheap laptop for the family then look no further than the Asus X53U-SX317V. It has got 6GB of RAM, a dual core processor and because it is Asus it looks and feels great. All this for under £300.

The processor is a dual core AMD E450 processor and it has a 320GB hard drive which is plenty for all your family photos and music. With 6GB of RAM it means you can run many programs at once and not worry about it slowing down. The screen is a high resolution 1366×768 15.6 inch screen.

This is a great laptop which at £299.99 is a bargain for an Asus laptop.


ASUS X53U-SX317V, 6GB RAM, 320GB Hard Drive, AMD Dual Core E450 processor, Windows 7 Home Premium £299.99 From Comet



TVs / Monitors

PANASONIC Viera TX-P46GT30B Full HD 46″ Plasma 3D Smart TV – Currys £699.98

The Panasonic Viera TX-P46GT30B is a mighty Plasma TV. This model offers Everything you could ever need. 3D, Smart TV Internet apps, iPlayer, and superb picture and sound.

The TX-P46GT30B uses Panasonic’s 600Hz, 5million to 1 contrast ratio screen to give exceptional full HD quality. Just take my word for it, What HiFi and also give this five stars. And they were given at it’s full price. Currys have now got it on offer for just £699.99 and you can collect in store. Superb.

Click on the Panasonic Viera TX-P46GT30B to read more or buy online wihle stocks last

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TVs / Monitors

JVC LT-42TG30J 42″ LCD TV with £100 off – £349

If you want a large screen 1080p TV but could not stretch to the £549 of our previous LG LED deal then this JVC LT-42TG30J 42 inch LCD TV could be exactly what you are after. It may be cheap but it certainly packs a punch. First off it is a JVC, so you know it is a trusted brand. Then if you turn it around you have got a massive amounts of ports, no scrimping on the inputs here. There are 4 HDMIs even, so you can plug in all of your HD game consoles and Sky / Virgin boxes.

Yes it is not 3D and does not have the Internet built in, but if you just want a good large TV which from a quality brand then you can not go wrong. It is available now for £349 from Comet


Console Gaming Movies Games and DVDs (OLD)

PlayStation Vita, 8GB Memory Card, FIFA bundle deal – £232

The new PlayStation Vita is a superb games console and has got some serious power, but like any new console it can be expensive at launch. However there are a few deals around. This is a great bundle at a good price. Basically you are getting an 8GB memory card and FIFA for £32.

To get this deal add the separate items into your cart. This is for the cheaper Wifi model, and an official Sony memory card. FIFA Football on Vita has got great reviews, and it seems worthy as one of the better launch titles for the new PlayStation. There are some other game bundles, so try adding your favourite game and see what comes up in the basket. This deal has a Vita, 8GB Memory Card and FIFA for £232 delivered


Available from Amazon UK

TVs / Monitors

50 inch Plasma – Panasonic TX-P50C3B with Freeview HD for £398

Ever looked longingly at the neighbours huge TV, well turn that jealously around with this huge, and superb quality Panasonic TX-P50C3B 50 inch plasma. This is big enough for any living room, offering superb quality to go with that size. Being a Panasonic Viera it offers 2,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio and a fantastic viewing angle.

On Amazon the TV has a 5 star rating from customers so you know you are getting a quality product. £398 for a branded Panasonic 50 inch TV with Freeview HD. Plus it has free delivery via courier.

For more information on the Panasonic TX-P50C3B click the TV below







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Laptops and Netbooks

HP Pavilion G6 15.6 inch Laptop with 4GB RAM for £349.99 in Pink, Blue, Red and Charcoal Grey

Another hell of a deal for lovers of pink! Here is the popular HP Pavilion G6 laptop reduced in price but not in specification. You have the choice of two great dual core processors, one by AMD and one Intel Core i3. Plus you get a huge 500GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM. This means the HP G6 will handle everyday Windows tasks with ease. So if you like playing movies, music or games on the internet / facebook you will have no problems with this laptop. Plus it is available in many colours which would suit all tastes and ages of users, not just a pink laptop!

Don’t like pink but want that power and finish? You can get it in Blue, two Red colours or Charcoal Grey (£50 more with i3 processor) for the same price.

The stand out features of this laptop for this price are:
15 inch screen with good viewing angles and colour
Dual Core processors,
Stunning colourful body,
Great battery life (up to 6 hours on AMD model),
From £349 (£399 for Core i3 charcoal grey)