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DEAL – Kindle Fire HD 8.9 – £127 delivered

Another tablet deal, this time its for the previous generation Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch tablet. Upon UK release, this was one of the highest resolution tablets below 9 inchs, featuring an above Full HD 1920×1200 resolution, which is good even today. The screen is beautiful and ideal for LoveFilm (now Amazon Instant Video) and reading magazines. At £127 you are getting a fully supported full size tablet for 7inch tablet price.

So what is the catch?

Well the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is not the latest Kindle Fire, which is the HDX range. If you are a hard core gamer, then this might put you off as its 1.5GHz dual core processor isnt a match to the Nexus 7’s Snapdragon processor. However if you are a casual gamer, or just want to watch films, browse online and read then why not save yourself a hundred and forty pounds over the HDX and grab an absolute steal. If you have Amazon Prime you now have LoveFilm (now called Amazon Instant Video) included which for tablets is only available on Kindle Fires.  Videos are particularly good on this tablet as the speakers are some of, if not the best of any full size tablet. You also get full access to the Amazon Appstore which is getting better by the day and includes a free paid for app everyday.

If buying for someone who you know would be a “casual” user, or if you dont demand the fastest machine in the world and just want a well built device with a great screen, there isn’t much that comes close to the Fire HD 8.9, except the Nook HD+ which is good but a bit fatter, and cheaper looking and also discontinued.

For Android modders, you can even put KitKat 4.4 on it 🙂

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Cameras and Lenses

Samsung ST200 Camera 10x Zoom – £73.49 Amazon

Keeping with the Samsung theme of today, this Samsung ST200 camera is a beautiful piece of kit, which packs a punch too. Its a great compact zoom thanks to its 10x optical zoom, meaning you can get close in to the action, while its picture options are clear and understandable for novices, but give enough power for an eager photo buff to enjoy. Right now it is nearly half price on Amazon with free delivery.

The ST200 looks the part, and is one of the smallest cameras in its class with such a large zoom. It is only 18.9mm thick which will slide into your pocket with ease. Its got a large 3 inch LCD screen on the back, and has such options as Live Panorama. It also has got many family friendly modes such as face swaps. Random but a fun inclusion for families.

So overall you have a professional looking, smart camera at a great price but has got features that will keep everyone happy. Ideal Christmas gift, on sale now at Amazon until stocks last.



The Samsung ST200 EC-ST200ZBPBGB is available to buy from Amazon UK

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Mobile Phones

Facebook, Amazon Battle To Acquire BlackBerry Platform

Facebook, Amazon Battle To Acquire BlackBerry Platform
Facebook, the largest social networking site and Amazon, largest online retail site are in talks with Research in Motion (RIM), the owner of the BlackBerry phone, the world's largest push mai.
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RIM May Give Up BlackBerry Phone Biz to Stay Alive
Research In Motion could be looking to offload its BlackBerry handset business to survive. The company's executives are considering selling the handset-manufacturing business or even a stake in the whole company, according to numerous press reports.
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Laptops and Netbooks

Cheapest Price Ultrabook in the UK – Toshiba Satellite Z830-10T – £696.40

The 13.3 inch Toshiba Satellite Z830-10T Ultrabook – £696.40 delivered from Amazon





If you are looking for a stylish Ultrabook without spending close to £1000 then this Toshiba is a superb choice. It is gorgeous, and still has an ultra fast SSD drive and USB3, however it has a Core i3 rather than an i5 or i7. This still means it is fast, more than fast enough for most people, howveer it means the price is a good £100 cheaper than the next SSD ultrabook. This is a great comprimise between price and performance.

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PC Component Deals

TurboTax Deluxe Federal + E-file + State 2011 for PC – $42.79


Available from for Instant Download or Delivery

If you are in the US and need to get your tax returns ready then you will be glad to know has got TurboTax Deluxe available on sale for just over $42.

This is really useful software, and is the number one seller on Amazon in the tax filing field. One of its main benefits are one to one advice via phone or chat. It also helps guide you through your federal and state taxes to get a maximum refund that is available to you.

TurboTax Deluxe is suitable for both Federal and State tax returns.

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DVDs Movies Movies Games and DVDs (OLD)

Casino Royale Deluxe Edition Blu Ray – £5.97

Region Free.

Casino Royale was the first Daniel Craig Bond film, and the film that got the franchise back on track. This feature packed deluxue version of the film on Blu Ray is now cheaper than its “normal” counterpart on Amazon UK.

Click on the Casino Royale Blu Ray image to view more information or purchase

Available from for £5.97


It features the following:

Disc 1 extras:
– crew commentary
– picture-in-picture visual commentary (Blu-Ray only)
– James Bond quiz (Blu-Ray only)

Disc 2 extras:
1 deleted scenes (x4)
2 Road to Casino Royale
3 Ian Fleming’s Incredible Creation
4 James Bond in the Bahamas
5 Ian Fleming: Secret Road to Paradise
6 Death in Venice
7 Becoming Bond Documentary (from original edition, HD)
8 James Bond: For Real documentary (from original edition, HD)
9 Bond Girls are Forever (from original edition, low definition)
10 Art of the Freerun
11 Catching A Plane storyboard to screen
12 Freerun Chase storyboard sequence
13 Filmmaker Profiles
14 Chris Cornell music video (low definition)


Laptops and Netbooks

Toshiba Satellite C670-17L 17.3 inch Laptop – £399

If you are looking for a large screen cheap laptop then look now further than the superb Toshiba Satellite C670-17L with its 17.3 inch screen and powerful Intel Core i3 processor. Lets take a closer look at this high specification but cheap 17 inch laptop.

The headline specification for this laptop is good. It has a second generation Intel Core i3-2330M dual core processor, which is superb on battery life while also boosting performance. The laptop is also ideal for families as it has a huge 640GB hard drive for all your photos and videos. Storage space will not be a problem. Neither will running multiple programs as the Core i3 in this Toshiba laptop is backed up by a huge 6GB of fast DDR3 RAM.

Wifi is built in and you can even use Skype / Facebook messenger with the built in webcam. If you ever wanted to back things up you can use the inbuilt DVD burner, as well as use it to watch your favourite DVDs or install games.

The laptop comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and plenty of USBs for all your iPods, memory sticks etc.

Overall this is a really powerful, and if bought like new a cheap 17 inch laptop from Toshiba.

Click on the Toshiba Satellite C670-17L for more information

  • Item model number: PSC3UE-01Y009EN
  • ASIN: B005TU8AZS

Toshiba Satellite C670-17L , 6GB RAM, Intel Core i3, 640GB Hard Drive, Wifi,

Console Gaming Movies Games and DVDs (OLD)

PlayStation Vita, 8GB Memory Card, FIFA bundle deal – £232

The new PlayStation Vita is a superb games console and has got some serious power, but like any new console it can be expensive at launch. However there are a few deals around. This is a great bundle at a good price. Basically you are getting an 8GB memory card and FIFA for £32.

To get this deal add the separate items into your cart. This is for the cheaper Wifi model, and an official Sony memory card. FIFA Football on Vita has got great reviews, and it seems worthy as one of the better launch titles for the new PlayStation. There are some other game bundles, so try adding your favourite game and see what comes up in the basket. This deal has a Vita, 8GB Memory Card and FIFA for £232 delivered


Available from Amazon UK

Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB Sim free – Amazon Warehouse £369.99

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market, and is still one of only a few to have the excellent Android 4.0 operating system onboard. Normally costing close to £450-500 this “like new” SIM free deal is an incredible deal from Amazon Warehouse. Being Amazon you can trust the description, and from this a small scratch is nothing on that superb 4.65 inch Super AMOLED screen for a £150 saving.

The Galaxy Nexus offers a ridiculous 1280×720 resolution on the HD screen. This means it has the same number of pixels as many 40 inch HD Ready TVs. As you can imagine, the result of this is the screen quality is epic. Watching films is a pure pleasure, as are the games, partially due to the screen and partly due to the 1.2GHz dual core processor which moves things along nicely.

Basically if you have been holding off getting a Samsung Galaxy Nexus due to the high price, this is the perfect way to grab a bargain, but be quick as being used stock prices change. There are other sellers out there who are good also (see feedback) but we would recommend Amazon Warehouse as you know the descriptions are 100% accurate.

Click on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB smartphone for more information




Available to buy now from Amazon UK with free delivery.




Essential Specifications for this Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

Model: GTI9250TSAXEU
Memory Size: 16GB

TVs / Monitors

LG D2342P-PN 23″ 3D LED Monitor – £159.99

Always known for making quality monitors at good prices, this LG D2342P-PN offers simply superb value for a 3D LED Monitor. It is a 23 inch 5ms monitor with full HD 1920×1080 resolution.  But the key feature of this monitor is the 3D, and it works really well. Hooking it up to a 3D enabled PC allows you to run 3D games, bluray films and even  3D applications and desktop backgrounds. The D2342P-PN offers good 2D and 3D performance and a simple interface which is a refreshing change. It also has a good tilt angle so whatever your desk layout you can get a crisp full colour 3D image.

It is currently available from Amazon for £159.99 delivered which offers probably the best combination in value and quality for a 3D monitor that you can buy. You get LG style and quality, combined with the high specification for a low cost. It seems like a few years back when LCD monitor prices fell, LED 3D ones like this LG D2342P-PN have now taken a tumble and the winner is the consumer.

Click on the LG D2342P-PN monitor below for more information





Available from Amazon UK with free delivery



  • Boxed-product Weight: 5 Kg
  • Item model number: D2342P-PN.AEK