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Samsung Chromebook 3G XE303C12-H01 Review

This Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-H01 is an impressive laptop which gives fast virus free performance, and even built in 3g for internet on the go. If bought from John Lewis it also features a 2 year warranty. At time of writing you can also get £50 cashback from Samsung, and a free Samsung Galaxy Mini, as well as 100MB of data for your Chromebook every month for a year. Read more about the XE303C12-H01 below.

In a nutshell Review:


  • Ultra light, and portable laptop. You wont feel this in a bag its that light! Just over 1Kg!
  • Up to ten hours battery life, means all day computing.
  • Runs Googles Chrome OS, which is virtually virus free and always is up to date, without all those annoying update messages you see on Windows.
  • Runs thousands of apps designed specifically for Chrome, from Photo editing, Office Software to Google Hangouts (video chat)
  • Fast dual core Samsung Exynos processor and 720p high resolution 11.6 inch screen.
  • Stylish machine
  • 3G built in means you can get on the internet virtually anywhere,
  • Boots up in under 10 seconds, and is ready to go online in that time!
  • Constant updates means it wont be out of date next year!
  • 2 year warranty if bought from John lewis and 90 day software support.


  • Doesnt run “traditional” Windows programs. There are alternatives for most, but some omissions like Skype. You would have to use Google Hangouts.
  • Not designed for non Internet locations. There aren’t many around these days, but its worth noting.


Once you get over the whole, “its not Windows” the Chromebook provides a fast, efficient way to access the Internet and to simple tasks like Word Processing, watching iPlayer, YouTube, Facebook etc. It’s ideal for students or people who would like a cheap laptop on the go. Chrome OS is not made to replace your main computer yet, however it is getting more advanced all the time, and improvements to an already fast operating system are happening all the time. With the bonus of a free phone, £50 cashback and 100MB of data a month its a great deal. If you need more you could always buy an Ovivo Mobile SIM with 750MB a month for a one off £15.

The Samsung Chromebook 3G XE303C12-H01 costs £299 but you can get £50 cashback at time of writing. There is also a non-3G version for £229.




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HP Pavilion g6-2213sa Review – Quad Core Gaming Laptop £339.99 (Refurb)

2014 Update:
You can now get an Acer V5-552 with an even better APU (A quad core A10-5757M with a 8650G Graphics) for just £329.99 delivered.


With this G6-2213sa HP is trying to change the stereotype of cheap and gaming laptops not normally go hand in hand. However this Quad core AMD A8-4500M powered laptop packs a serious punch. It has got serious performance, and unlike similarly priced Core i5 laptops, it has impressive gaming performance, and thanks to the true quad core, its also great for video editing. It also comes in a stylish red patterned colour, nicer than I’ve just described!



As mentioned it has the AMD APU unit which features a A8-4500M quad core processor combined with a AMD Radeon HD 7640G graphics card built in. This gives serious power for a sub £350 laptop. Performance in more in line with a £500 laptop, even a refurb! It has 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and this means not only are games fast, but Windows 8 multi tasking is a breeze. I have encoded videos using Sony Vegas on this unit faster than my Core i3 desktop. In terms of gaming, you can run Bioshock with EVERYTHING turned to max, and it is butter smooth. Downloading F1 2012 from Steam also runs on high settings. Sure it may not do everything on ultra, but this is a serious gaming device for those who dont have the room for a desktop, or the budget for a traditionally priced new gaming laptop. I’m really impressed by the AMD APU unit. Everything I have thrown at it, its handled with ease, while when using for basic desktop apps, the battery can last for nearly five hours.



The only let down in my book of this laptop is the screen. Its 1366×768 and the viewing angle isnt the best. However its more than adequate, and it also features HDMI and VGA out for higher resolution playback. TF2 on my TV looked great running 1080p.  At the top of the screen is a HD webcam.


Connections / Features

On the left you have two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, VGA, ethernet, and card reader (which is very fast). The right side of the laptop has the CD/DVD Burner, charging port and a USB 2.0 port. The keyboard is a full siz and features a num pad which is a god send after my previous laptop only being 11.6 inch. There is also a large area for the speakers on top, which are ALTEC Lansing units. They are of good quality, not outstanding, but loud and clear as they are facing you and not underneath like some laptops. The mousepad is as good as one can be. I hate them personally, but it features multi touch which is handy for Windows 8 scrolling. Its also a good size with satisfying button clicks. I still use my Microsoft Arc Mouse though.



For a HP it seems good bar one part, the DVD drive. I’m most likely never going to use it, but if you pick it up from that side it feels a bit creeky. It wouldnt put me off buying the laptop as it still has a 1 year warranty, and I think its more sound than a build issue. The keyboard and trackpad are feel very durable as does the lid mechanism.



This is a seriously impressive laptop. It doesn’t look fancy or is particularly thin. Its like a Q Car. Functional looks and design but with a surprisingly powerful powerplant under the skin. This will do everything 99% of laptop users could need and do them FAST. The AMD A8-4500M is a beast, but a beast that sips battery when you need it too. And although this is a refurb, its still got 12 months warranty. An absolute bargain of a machine, and one that bought replacing the 750GB hard drive with a Samsung 830 SSD. I know this computer will last me for years to come without any sweat.

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HP Envy DV6-7300EA, Core i7, 1TB, 8GB RAM laptop cheapest price £799.95 – Chomping Turtle Review

In todays world we require a laptop that can do everything, and in this review we check to see if the HP Envy DV6-7300EA can fit the bill. It is currently available for just £799.95 from John Lewis with a free 2 year warranty 90 days of software support.


As you would expect with a top of the range laptop from HP, you get all the bells and whistles in the power department. The latest generation Intel Core i7 processor will make any task exceptionally quick, whether that is photo editing or general everyday to day use. It is also backed up with 8GB of RAM which means multitasking is not a problem. Unlike many laptops nowadays in this price range instead of an ultra fast solid state drive, you get a regular hard drive, which gives you much more room, 1TB. While this means initial load up is not as quick as some ultrabooks, you are getting up to 10x more storage meaning plenty of space for photos, videos etc. This really could replace your desktop PC. If you are a gamer you will be impressed with the 2GB dedicated graphics card also.  For movie fans, this allows you to play full HD films on your TV via the HDMI port. The only downside to the specification is the screen resolution is not full HD, just 1366×768 (higher than 720p). This is a slight disappointment, but the screen is clear and the colours very bright.


However one way this makes up for lack of Full HD is it also features Intel Wireless Display (WiDi). This allows you to stream in Full HD to a compatible TV. A great feature for showing off photos. As said before, you can still link up to a TV with HDMI. There are also full speed USB 3.0 for ultra fast external devices. Battery life is above average for a laptop this size, with a quoted 6 hours. Realistically this would be around 5, still good. Being HP it features Beats Audio sound which means when hooked up to some good headphones or speakers, it will gives superb quality. The standard speakers are above average for a laptop also.


The DV6-7300EA is a great high end laptop without a high end price. The aluminum feels and looks great and although the screen would be nice if it was full HD, the array of latest tech features like Wireless display and 2GB graphics card more than make up. This is a fast laptop which would happily replace almost any desktop PC. Plus if you buy from John Lewis it is backed up by a two years warranty for piece of mind.






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Cheapest New Core i5 Laptop in the UK? Acer Aspire E1 – £329.99 Delivered

Today is Intel Core i5 day, and here is another superb Core i5 laptop deal this time from Acer and Amazon. This is performance over flash, and it packs a serious punch with this Acer Aspire E1 being backed by an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of fast DDR3 RAM. Plus with 500GB of storage it really is all many people would every need.

The Acer Aspire E1 is a compact laptop, which has many premium features, like HDMI and USB 3.0, but it doesn’t come with a premium price, only £329.99 delivered. It even comes with a HD Webcam and LED backlit screen. Grab one now from Amazon.



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HP Pavilion G6-2292sa Purple Laptop with Core i5 for £399 – Currys

If you need a cheap, powerful laptop for Uni / the family then look no further than this superbly priced HP G6-2292sa with a Core i5 processor and 6GB of RAM for only £399. Plus it is available in Purple, which is a rare laptop colour. This HP laptop has ultrabook power, thanks to a latest 3rd generation Ivy Bridge Intel Core i5 power, but the benefits of a large hard drive, and inbuilt DVD burner.

If you are looking for a powerful laptop for University or for an everyday laptop for the family then look no further, as the Core i5 processor has got the latest Intel HD graphics, which allows full HD movies to be played, as well as most recent games. Running at up to 3.1GHz it has plenty of speed. This is then backed up by 6GB of RAM, and a full 1TB hard drive. This is enough for a whole family to have all their photos and music. Average over 320,000 photos.

The G6-2292sa also features the latest in tech with its USB 3.0 port and HDMI output to pair it up to a TV.

It comes with the latest Windows 8 also which is ultra fast loading, and when coupled to a modern day PC like this, ultra fast and easy to use. You can be online in less than a minute, and from standby in seconds. It really is impressive. At this price you would usually expect only a Pentium dual core of possible a Core i3 processor, but this is incredible value for money. This laptop is available in the sale in Purple or Red to clock and collect in store or for delivery.


HP g6-2292sa purple laptop

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Asus K55A Core i7, Intel HD4000, 1TB Laptop for £499.99 Amazon


If you are looking for a truly powerful laptop that will do everything with ease, but one that also looks great too, then this deal from Amazon on this Asus K55A-SX398H is outstanding at just £499.99. It has a top of the line Intel Core i7 quad core processor, 6GB of RAM, 1 Terabyte of hard drive space as well as the latest Intel HD4000 graphics to play games. It also comes with Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 system, which runs lightning quick on this PC.

As you would expect from Asus, this K55A-SX398H is solidly built. It has got a beautiful brushed aluminum look, and an impressive full keyboard with number pad. Thanks to its 1TB of storage, it has enough room for even the hardened film/music fan. Ideal for families as it means everyone will have enough room.

It also features a HD webcam for Skype, and because of that powerful Core i7 processor and Intel HD graphics, the Asus K55A-SX398H will take almost everything you can throw at it. A superb laptop for the family or the power user a like.



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Asus X501A-XX280H Windows 8, 15 inch laptop £349.99

So Windows 8 is here and this Asus laptop is superb value, offering ultrabook looks and near ultrabooks performance with the very latest software for well under £400.

The X501A follows on from the Windows 7 model X50 series and offers a high quality finish on a budget price laptop. Asus are winning awards all around the world at the moment for their hardware, just check T3 winners list for 2012. Having won Best PC manufacturer in Asia multiple times, there is no doubting the hardware. This build quality is backed up with some impressive power, it has got an Intel Core i3 processor and an onboard nVidia graphics card. This allows it to play full HD movies with ease and will play the latest Facebook and Internet based games with ease. The Asus X501A also has two USB 3 ports, which means you can get the latest fast transfer speeds with USB3 hard drives and pen drives. It is up to 10x faster than USB 2.0. 500GB will also hold all of your photos and movies with ease.

Overall this is a great family laptop which is in most budgets, without looking as such. Its slim chassis looks a cut above similar models at this price range. It is available to reserve and collect from PC World / Currys.


Essential Specification:

15.6 inch screen,
Intel Core i3-2330M processor,
Windows® 8,
Memory: 4 GB,
Hard drive: 500 GB,
2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0

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Apple iPad MC705LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) Long Term Test

  • Breakthrough Retina Display
  • 5MP iSight Camera
  • A5X chip with quad-core graphics
  • 10 hours of battery life

Whilst the iPhone may have drifted from market leader in terms of technology and innovation, due to its firm grip on the tablet market the iPad is still the greatest tablet money can buy. Although Android tablets are gaining a good foothold in the market, the near three years of lead the iPad had means it is by far the biggest pull for developers. This huge range of iPad specific apps, combined with a superbly smooth experience and THAT amazing screen means the new iPad or iPad 3 as most people say, is still he tablet to have if you have the money. The good news is, with the imminent appearance of the iPad Mini (or whatever it may be called) we are starting to see some deals of the base model.

Chomping Turtle recommends you get the cheapest 16GB iPad or the 16GB 3G if you need it. The larger capacities are just not worth the money. 16GB is more than enough to have tons of apps and games. Our favourite feature of the iPad… Newstand magazines. The retina display enhanced travel magazines look superb. And companies like Top Gear magazine and Stuff do some superb interactive issues. This definitely is the future for magazine reading. As mentioned before, the screen is out of this world. If only you could get a 10 or 11.6 inch laptop with a resolution this high for £400. Plus being the latest iPad it is nice to know everything just works that you can download from the app store.

Yes there are a few flaws, I think it is slightly too big, and the Apple Ecosystem is very limited in customisation, but for a true tablet experience the latest iPad is incredible, which is a lot more than can be said for the latest iPhone 5 . Just dont use it as a camera at a gig. That is really annoying.


List Price: £360.00

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B007KW5FVA”]

Apple iPad MC705LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) NEWEST MODEL

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Cheapest Price Ultrabooks – Benefits of “the new class” of Laptop

Intro to Ultrabooks:

There is a lot of excitement that is happening regarding the latest Ultra Notebooks. You will notice that how the best Ultrabooks are now very superior to the old model notebook. If you have never used one before, in the first place it is important not to be fooled by the sizes of the Ultrabooks although they might look extremely thin they operate just like the normal full size notebooks. They are not netbooks. Comparison of Ultrabooks to Netbooks is a kind of a joke taking into account the lack of functioning of the Netbook. Although the Ultrabooks are superior to the Netbooks, there are now a range of cheaper versions making it a more affordable option.

Importance of Ultrabooks:

One of the most fastest moving electronic gadgets on the market these days is the cheapest price Ultrabook. There are plenty of reasons why these Ultrabooks are so popular, fast moving and have created excitement among the people. The Ultrabook combines ample power and features, with huge portability and battery life. As mentioned before, the Ultrabooks have plenty of features that are worth spending on.

Features of Ultrabook:

The latest Ultrabooks are very unique, as well as thinner and lighter than that of the usual laptops. It weighs around 3.1 pound and the thickness is about 0.8 inches which makes it very easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. Construction is normally a class above typical laptop ranges, which creates a premium feel with the price. The Ultrabooks are at most, half the weight and thickness of an average laptop. Another amazing feature of even the cheapest price Ultrabook is its battery life which has at least five or more hours. The chief reason for this battery back up is the new Ivy Bridge Processor which runs very efficiently on a low voltage, and in many cases solid state hard drive, which are lightning fast as well as battery efficient vs a mechanical hard drive.

Additional Advantages in the Features:

Many people love the latest features on Ultrabooks since they are available with touch screen and also they are intuitive and quicker than “normal” laptops. The latest Ultrabooks have blurred the gap between tablets and laptops. With a touch screen the functions can be done faster when compared to the laptops or computers, particularly when users mix a gesticulation based interface with a keyboard and track pad.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Price Ultrabook?

Chomping Turtle recommends John Lewis for all ultrabook purchases over £599. This is because you get a full FREE three year warranty. That includes the latest Apple Macbook Air.

Recommend Items (Cheapest to Most Expensive):
Lenovo Ideapad U310, Samsung 530U4C-A01, HP Spectre XT 13-2000ea


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Integral USB 2.0 Single Slot SD Reader Review

Integral USB 2.0 Single Slot SD Reader

  • Transfer files between your PC and Memory card.
  • SD / SDHC, MiniSD / MicroSD, MMCmobile, MMC / MMCplus, RSMMC / DVRSMMC compatible. Some cards may require SD adaptor.
  • Easy to use and install. No drivers required (except for Windows 98SE).
  • USB 1.1/2.0 compatible. Memory card not included.

The 426086 is Single Slot SD Card Reader from Integral. It is a fast and easy of transferring memory files between different types memory card and PC quickly without any trouble. It is the perfect partner for your digital camera, mobile phone, PDA, camcorder or MP3 player. It is compatible with the latest SDHC technology. It even works with windows Vista. It has USB 2.0 specifications which works with any USB port. It has SD card port which appears as a removable drive. It is 40x faster than the

List Price: £3.45

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B000VY80AM”]

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