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AMD A10-7850K Real Gaming Benchmarks Appear

I have added to the original article on the A10-7850K the videos below, but incase you didnt see that, here are a collection of real benchmarks from people with the A10-7850K in their system. All these videos are running the fast 2133MHz RAM which is required to get the most out of the GPU. Overall impressions are more favourable than first expected! Being able to run Battlefield 4 on ultra, even if only at 720p is very impressive for a £130 APU. Likewise Skyrim on high at 1080p running at over 40fps average is mighty. It really reinforces the fact that the A10-7850K is perfect for a budget gaming PC / Steambox. The quest for 1080p on ultra at 60FPS can be an expensive one. This APU provides a great way to get on the PC gaming ladder with very good graphics and limited fuss.

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A10-7850K Battlefield 4 – Ultra 720p at 30FPS

A10-7850K Skyrim – High 1080p 42FPS

A10-7850K Crysis 3 – Normal 720p 28FPS