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DEAL – 32GB iPad Air for £413.99

Looking for a slightly larger version of the iPad Air, then look no further than this deal of just £413, and its fulfilled by Amazon so you know your buying safe. The iPad Air is the latest and greatest iPad you can buy. Its very fast, but also incredibly light, much more so than previous full size iPad with Retina Displays. At this price you are getting an extra 16GB for just £13.99 which is a great deal saving around £35 from the RRP. If you have Amazon Prime you can even get it next day (before cut off time).

If you have to have the latest Apple device in your life you cant do any better than this right now. You could buy a 16GB but you may regret it with some games coming in at 4+GB now. Saying that if your gaming is limited to Candy Crush Saga then save the £13 for a case and get a 16GB!


BUY NOW ON AMAZON (via third party fulfilled by Amazon):

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