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iPhone 4S 16GB on T-Mobile with 2000min, unlimited text and data – £36pm

Simply stunning deal from T-Mobile for the iPhone 4S 16GB. If you have been wanting to get your hands on the superb Apple iPhone 4S but wanted a contract that you can actually use the phone for more than a day without going over your allowance then check out this deal from T-Mobile UK. It has 2000, that’s two thousand, minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data all for only £36pm. All you have to pay upfront is £99 for an iPhone 4S. This is seriously cheap and superb value for such a traditionally expensive phone.

As mentioned you get unlimited data, so you can truly get engaged with iOS5 and all the apps on the app store without thinking in the back of my mind, “I will have to be careful with my data towards the end of the month or I will get charged if I download all this now”. Just download and get the latest games or iTunes songs without worrying. The same with all those minutes!

So all you have to pay first is £99 for the 16GB version, which is even better as most deals only have the 8GB, which struggles once you get your music added in with all the apps. 16GB is plenty and future proofs you from the ever increasing size of apps. And remember because you have unlimited data, this will not be a problem either.

This is NOT a cashback scheme, and not with some company that you have never heard of, it is direct with T-Mobile and you know exactly where you stand. You just need to click below to order and your new iPhone will be sent to your door.






Available now from T-Mobile UK online delivered to your door