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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo is Out Now in UK

And I played it, and finished it…

It feels kind of strange writing that, but it is true that today, 2nd March 2020 the wait is finally over and Square-Enix or Squaresoft if you prefer have release the demo of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

I have hidden away from the hype too much, and have to say I was absolutely blown away by the intro. Aeris, Midgar, the train… all beautifully done, sometimes as a near shot for shot remake, and sometimes as a tribute.

The game however plays entirely differently, and I think for the better on first impression. Its now like a third person action game, with hints of FF15, which never grabbed me. As solo Cloud in your party it feels very much like a DmC style game, which takes a bit of getting used to, but once you unlock magic and other things it feels like a modern Final Fantasy game. It also took some getting used to switching between characters and letting them do their own thing. I lost Cloud on the main battle at the end of the demo for example.

Overall the demo is about an hour and half long. You get to interact with Jessie, Biggs, Wedge and of course play as Barrett. All of the characters looks amazing, and you get an incredible sense of scale iwth the world. Plus that tease of Aeris and Cloud… I wont say much but you probably already know if you want to play this. If you havent played FF7 before, dont be put off as its quite different due to the lack of turn based gameplay. Instead as you are going through the menus you get some slick slow down bullet time action. It really works nicely.

The games looks stunning on the PS4 Pro on a 4K screen. Will have to wait for the DF analysis but looks like a 4k checkerboard solution based on some of the hair edges. Predictably plays at 30FPS. Didnt notice many frame drops. Really is a stunning title on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Download the demo for free on PSN and order the game now from Amazon or where ever (link below for Amazon UK’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

amazon uk
Pre Order with free goodies now by clicking above. It will help out the website at no cost to you. Thank you!

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PlayStation Plus February Is a Beauty For PS3 – Last Chance for free Borderlands 2!

If you own or have just ordered a PS3, and you are not subscribed to PlayStation Plus then get subscribed as soon as possible. You can do this via a 90 day PS Plus subscription (pay no more than £9) or a 365 day subscription (£30 is a good price). Why? Because you will get not only the new games for February, but also your subscription will overlap for the final days of January, which means you get the superb duo of Devil May Cry and Borderlands 2 (PS3). For February they are being replaced with the 94 Metacritic scored Bioshock Infinite and 80 scored Metro Last Light. Both are very good games, Metro Last Light is the kind of game you don’t want to play in the dark by yourself, while Bioshock Infinite is a game everyone should experience.


So you are getting two top rated shooters (3 if you get Borderlands 2) for virtually nothing. They are good to keep as long as you keep the service, and you can renew at any time. If you have a PS4 you have to have PS Plus to play online games, and PS4 owners get treated to freaky Outlast, while Vita owners get Dynasty Warriors Next and ModNation Racers. So a whole bunch of great games, but with its large back catalog, the PS3 owners are getting the pick of the bunch.


New to PS Plus?

Once you subscribe, go on the Sony Entertainment Network website on your computer/tablet (anything but the console), and you can “buy” the free games for the PS4 and the PS Vita too, building you up a nice back catalogue incase you ever get one.

Console Gaming

Official Sony PS4 Unboxing Video is Daft Punk Weird!

Showing more than a little “tribute” to Daft Punk, Sony is clearly fed up with all the typical YouTube unboxing videos and has decided to go its own way with this crazy over the top unboxing video for the PlayStation 4 featuring Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Worldwide Studios.


So what do you get in a PS4?

  • PS Plus Network Voucher (Doesn’t add if you already have an active subscription),
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Dual Shock 4 Controller
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Cord (no external brick ala XBox One)
  • Mono Headset
  • USB Charging Cable (For Dual Shock 4)
  • 500GB PlayStation 4 Console

Like I say, the video is very over the top, and we will have to wait and see for some YouTuber to top it.  The rest of the PS4 owners will just rip the box up to plug it in asap.

Console Gaming

The PS4 / XB1 Come out in a Few Weeks… Time To Get a PS3

With the imminent release of the PlayStation 4 and XBox One there is no better time to buy a PS3. Really? Oh yes.

The PS4 retails for £399 with a game (Killzone Shadow Fall), and the Xbox One £459 (with COD Ghosts). With either console you can knock £40 odd off and get the console by its self, and in the case of the PS4 play some good free to play games like Blacklight Retribution.

But none of the exclusive launch titles are Triple A titles, and games like Ghosts, FIFA, Assassins Creed 4 you can get on the current gen, never mind being much cheaper on PC.  So what else can you get for your money this pre Christmas?  Well how about the other console you didn’t have from this generation? For me a 360 owner since near launch, I recently traded it in for a PS3, and haven’t been happier!

I did a straight swap money wise for my XBox and games for a 500GB Super Slim PS3, and let me go through my reasoning.


Why the PS3 is a great choice if you are going to get a PS4 eventually

PlayStation Plus. Wow what a service. After years of paying for XBox Live, when I heard of PS Plus I was intrigued, especially seeing some of the incredible games on the service each month. However when Microsoft announced they were going to give two games a month I was excited, until I started getting the games. 3-5 year old games I could pick up for 99p at CEX, Game, or online it felt like a kick in the teeth, especially as I had nearly 10 years of XBox Live.

I managed to hunt down 4 90 day passes for PS Plus for an incredible £4.55 each (£18 for a year of gaming), but a normal good price iView PlayStation 3 bundless £7 for 90 days. In less than a month, as I was in the cross over last week of a PS Plus month, I have received the following games for free…

  • Far Cry 3 and its Coop DLC
  • Metal Gear Vengeance
  • Remember Me
  • Uncharted 3
  • Little Big Planet Karting
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown
  • Spec Ops The Line
  • Tekken Revolution
  • Motorstorm RC
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
  • Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen

That is more games that I can play right now! With some seriously good, and recent, titles. Uncharted 3, and Far Cry 3 are superbly rated games, and Remember Me I am having a lot of fun with.  However there is more, if you didn’t know PS Plus is one service for PS3, PS Vita, PSP and as of November the PS4. Using the Sony Entertainment Network website you can “purchased” the games for consoles you don’t own, for free, and if you ever buy one in the future, you will have the games ready to download (You cant buy games that have gone after the month, so “buy” straight away). So this means you can get Vita (which is becoming much more relevant, and at a decent price now) and soon PlayStation 4 games even though I dont have one yet. The North American PS Plus service is getting 2 PS4 games this month, which I imagine Europe will get in December.

As it stands I have got some great PS Vita titles for my currently non existent Vita, including Street Fighter vs Tekken and Uncharted Golden Abyss.

Sony promises 1 PS4 game a month and 2 PS3 games. If I wait a year for the inevitable price drop of the PS4, and some genuinely great games to be released, I will already have a back catalog of at least 10 games ready to play. Not bad!

Due to having an XBox there are some incredible exclusives to catch up on PS3

Because of the new consoles there are some pre owned and new bargains to be had on the current gen. The PS3 recently has had some of the best exclusives of this generation and they can be had for silly money. The Last of Us (Metacritic 95) is available from Blockbuster forlast-of-us £16 using a £5 off £15 spend voucher, or £21 on Amazon. Universally acclaimed as one of the best games of this generation, there is no game on the next gen which comes close.

Uncharted 3 can be had for Free with PlayStation Plus. I also picked up Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition for £5, which I have been impressed with. I used to be a Forza fan since number one, but FM3 I never got into like I thought I would. I did enjoy it a lot but it was too similar, as was FM4. Hence why GT5 feels fresh to me, even if it probably wouldn’t if you has play GT4 / GT5 Prologue to death.  GT6 is out next month but at £5 you cant go wrong with Academy edition and all its DLC.

Other games, well I got Little Big Planet 2 for £3 on Ebay which is really fun in coop. Killzone 3 can also be had for £4 in CEX, although I have too many games right now and that price is only going down.

By now you get the picture. Even if you buy a brand new 500GB Super Slim for £220 (with Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls), you only have to spend maximum £30 on a years PS Plus, and you will have a minimum of 20 games for the PS3, while also building up your collection of PS4/PS Vita games for the future. In that year you will probably grab some bargains like I did, be extremely happy gaming some of the best games of the past few years that you wouldn’t of played.  If like me you buy the PS Plus in 90 packs it means you can have a break (although you cant play your PS Plus games if your subscription runs out) and resume afterwards with your full collection.

Oh and don’t forget its also a Blu Ray player, something I would never of bought, but is nice to have.


What I hate About the PS3 and needs To be fixed for PS4

Updated. Just Google PS3 updates. They are so slow, and take forever. Whats worse is you download a game like Uncharted 3 at 38GB, and then you have to wait 45min for it to install, slow but fair enough, but then you start the game and it requires 1GB more of updates, which once slowly downloaded have to be installed. Surely if you are downloading from the Sony server it should be pre patched.

I’ve never been a fan of the PS3 pad, an the PS4 pad is much nicer in the had. Rumours are you can use the PS4 pad on the PS3, which I might treat myself to if turns out to be true.


Overall Views on the PS3 in 2013

With Sony continuing support with big name titles like Gran Turismo 6 coming out soon, and PlayStation Plus service expanding there is never a better time to buy a PS3, especially if you are considering buying a PS4 at some point. With the new consoles out, the current gen prices will bottom out to silly money. With that back catalog of exclusive games to get through, and great new games that aren’t exclusive to the PS4/XB1 like Assassins Creed 4, Watch Dogs etc. there is every reason to jump aboard and see what you have been missing out on. I’m glad I did.


Best Price Deals For PS3

Amazon – 500GB Super Slim, 2 Games (Uncharted 3 GOTY, Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition), Gioteck Triggers, and FIFA 13/FarCry3/Assassin Creed 3/Rocksmith 2014 for £220


Games News

PlayStation Vita TV Announced: Kills OUYA before it got started

In a somewhat surprise move, Sony has announced the new mini sub £100 games console, the PlayStation Vita TV. ps-vita-tv-bundleAiming squarely at OUYA and other cheap Android game consoles, as well as Apple TV on a media front, it promises much potential thanks to PS4 connectivity and a backlog of Vita games, combined with a VERY keen entry price for a PlayStation console, £64 converted from Yen.

Key Features of the PlayStation Vita TV:

– Plays PS1/PSP Games – 1,300 available

-Plays MOST Vita games (more on that later)

– Games are played with a bundled Dual Shock 3 controller

– Apps like HULU and other Japanese Netflix style services (not announced UK/US services but they will come, except the usual suspects)

– PlayStation Store

– Local Multiplayer

– Stream PS4 games into another room via the Vita TV.

What We Know So Far:

The Vita TV will be launched in Japan first, and will cost 9480 yen (£63) / 14,994 yen (£96 with Dual Shock 3 and 8GB memory Card) on the 14th of November. no official confirmation of a Europe/North America launch but why would they not?

The basic Vita TV bundle is ideal for current PS3/Vita owners as why pay again for controllers you dont need? The Vita based games are outputted at 720p/1080i which should look very good. Sony have released a list of  games that will work on launch, and some huge titles like Uncharted and AC3 are missing. However Sony have not ruled out patches for these games. The most obvious reason they are not available is the Vita TV lacks the touchscreen of the Vita. So games would have to be modified for this.

To use the touch pointer you hold down the PS button, then click in and move the R3 or L3 button.

Potential Uses of the Vita TV:

On a business point of view, this is a cheap way to get latest PlayStation hardware on the big screen. There are a huge amount of gamers in places like Brazil, but they still use PS2. This would allow Sony, if they released the Vita TV there, to get a device they can add games to an online library without needing the distribution channels. There is also no reason Sony couldn’t release Gaikai, their streaming service for PS3/PS4 games on Vita TV. Since the PS4 is a loss leader, while I imagine the Vita TV is not, if you have a good enough connection it could be the device to buy the latest PS3/4 games from the PlayStation store and stream without needing the expensive (for both Sony and the gamer) hardware. Wouldn’t work for everyone, but in fast broadband countries, this could be VERY interesting. There would be controller issues with PS4 games, but PS3/indie titles would potentially “just work”.

The other confirmed Vita TV application relates to something adults will remember unfondly. In my childhood I remember it being a pain to move my console from the lounge to my bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have a PS4, you could just move yourself to the Vita TV room and continue your game.

14 year old me is happy.