Everyone knows what the Amazon Fire Stick is, and if you dont know what the 4k Fire Stick is, you can probably guess. But just in case its a beefed up Fire Stick which supports both 1080p older TVs and newer shiny 4K sets. At the moment Amazon have dropped the price on there website and in Currys PC World to just £29.99. Or you can get the normal Fire stick for just £20, well £19.99. Both come with the superb Alex voice remotes.

So Can the Amazon 4K Fire Stick Play on normal Full HD TVs?

Simple answer is yes. It is capable of playing on 720p (HD Ready), 1080p (Full HD) or 4K (Ultra HD) TVs. It also supports HDR 10 content and Dolby Vision. Ideal for supported services like Prime Video and Ultra HD Netflix.

Why Should you Go for the 4K Fire Stick with just a 1080p Full HD TV?

Simple put, power. The 4k Fire Stick has a faster 1.7GHz quad core processor and and extra 512MB of RAM 1.5GB total. Whereas the normal Fire Stick in 2020 has 1.3GHz and 1GB RAM. Doesnt sound a lot, but it is definitely snappier and the menus just work with a much nicer experience. If you are planning on modding the Fire Stick then the extra speed will definitely be handy.

Where to Buy

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