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Chomping Turtle is an online only electronics website. It reviews, previews and provides voucher codes on the latest technologies. Please read below about our review and advert and what we stand for.

About Our Reviews, Deals & Adverts:

Like many websites, Chomping Turtle requires adverts to stay alive. It is our main source of income. However, we NEVER review a product because we get paid to or any other incentive. We sell ad space on our website, however we would never give a favourable review due to an advertiser paying for particular adverts. All reviews are based on our discretion. If we review something due to being taken somewhere by the manufacturer or distributor we will clearly say, and will not give any preferential treatment. In a review we will provide a link to buy the product at certain websites, such as Amazon, PC World etc. If you click on these and buy from there after being on our site, we will receive a commission which helps pay for the website. However we also link to websites that we do not receive a commission from. Our aim is to provide you with the cheapest price for your tech items, with good reliable distribution service.  In the unlikely event that we have any other vested interest in a company, Chomping Turtle will make it clearly known. To summarise we are here to help, not to make a quick pound. We would much rather save you a couple of quid, than force you onto an affiliate website that we make money from, or give you a positive review for something we don’t believe in.


Product Samples For Reviews:

Companies are welcome to send products and samples to us for reviews. If the product is deemed of interest to our readers and viewers then  we will provide a review of the product on Chomping Turtle. We will not accept any products with the precondition that we will review it simply because a company sent it. If a product is sent before commercial launch we may agree to withheld the review until the product launch. This means we will not publish the review or give out news until the given time. many times we review items which have not been provided by companies. Chomping Turtle purchase lots of items for ourselves, and will review based on this.


Every time you access this website you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

All information on this site is provided on an “as is” basis and it not meant to be in any way comprehensive. Anyone making use of this site does so at their own risk and visitors to the website are advised to take independent professional advice before acting on any information or materials found here. The website owner accepts no responsibility and gives no representations or warranties, that any of the information and materials on this site are accurate, error free, complete and do not have any omissions. The website owner accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage caused by this website. Chomping Turtle reserves the right to update any of the documents, data and other information on this website at any time without notice. Chomping Turtle operates as an affiliate website for other electronics websites and businesses and does not carry any of it’s own products. For example Chomping Turtle is a participant in the Amazon Europe S.à r.l. Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

Any purchases you make are a matter between yourself and the retailer. As such, Chomping Turtle accepts no responsibility or liability to do with these products. Please see the individual terms and conditions from the sites you purchase from.


Product Images

All pictures of items are used for the usage of review. We make every attempt to use clear descriptions to go with the images, so you know what you are receiving and use up to date images. However we are not responsible for the manufacturers right to alterations of colour or style at any time without notice. Please note colours may vary on individual computers due to contrast and colour settings on your computer.


Links to Third Party Websites

Chomping Turtle provide links to third-party websites for the usage of affiliate links and for convenience and interest to its users. We cannot control the content or these websites and do not accept any responsibility or liability from usage of these websites.



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