If your Intel CPU is getting a bit old and noisy, or you are moving to a thinner profile case, then you cant go far wrong with this Arctic Alpine 12 CPU cooler. Its a really low profile CPU fan which can fit in the tiniest of cases.

The CPU fan can run on processors up to 95w TDP and weighs under 300 grams. It doesnt require a mounting bracket, it just clips into place by lining up. Nice and easy! Sure it wont make your processor to be an overclocking king, but for a standard desktop build it will do nicely, especially at the current price of £5.99 on Amazon if you have Prime.

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Rest of the blurb from Arctic:

  • The ARCTIC Alpine 12 is a compact cooling solution for Intel CPU Socket 115X and recommended for CPU with a TDP up to 95 W.
  • A new production process of the extruded radial heatsink improves the cooling performance.
  • The high thermal conductivity of aluminum is fully retained by a new type of extrusion.
  • This new production process creates a powerful yet very compact radial heat sink.
  • The particularly thin cooling fins of the new Alpine are fanned out in a Y-shape.
  • This increases the surface area of the heat sink and therefore the cooling capacity.