Bring on the PlayStation 5

The amazing guys at Digital Foundry have had chance to sit down with Microsoft to have a play, and even breakdown the Xbox Series X. And what a beast it is! You’ve probably read the details, but the highlights for me are the following:

  • 1TB Seagate SSD “Memory cards”
  • Potential for 2x Upscaling Xbox One games to 4k
  • A form factor like two GameCubes stacks on top of each other
  • 12TF of power with hardware ray tracing
  • No price yet, but expect £500+ as thats RTX2080 power!
  • No Sign of Series S (Lockhart)
Follow the guys at Digital Foundry they are amazing

We are just over an hour away from the PlayStation 5 reveal. My prediction is the PS5 will be VERY simlar in spec, however you never know there could be some surprises. I dont think it will look like the Series X though…

I really want one, for the backwards compatibility. Yes I can do it on a PC, but I think the single use console and its improvements are a great selling point.