At Chomping Turtle, we get asked a lot, which is the best Kaspersky to get for the home user? Obviously this depends on your own needs, but to try and help you decide, we will explain the differences and express our views on the subject on Kaspersky’s products.

First off, will Kaspersky stop all viruses and malware etc. No. No program will. However out of the products on sale, we recommend Kaspersky as we think it is powerful, but lean on your computer. It is great at stopping viruses and malware, and reviews and awards back this up.

Kaspersky Anti Virus 2012 (PC) – Amazon UK

Kaspersky Anti Virus 2012 (PC) – Amazon USA

Kaspersky Labs offer 2 different types of security for home users. Kaspersky Anti Virus, and Kaspersky Internet Security. Kaspersky Anti Virus is designed for those who already have a firewall, and require software to prevent and get rid of viruses. It is lighter on system resources, and less intrusive to the user, although this is more due to the nature of it being just an Anti Virus and not a firewall, which by its nature is called into action more often. Overall it is a great Anti Virus package which is very simple to use for even people with the most basic knowledge. Kaspersky offers easy menus, with obvious choices such as Full Scan or Quick Scan and then more advanced options for the more PC literate user. It updates quickly and efficiently.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (PC) – Amazon UK
Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (PC) – Amazon USA

Kaspersky Internet Security is designed for people who want to combines Kaspersky’s firewall with the Anti Virus. It has all the features of Kaspersky Anti Virus, combined with their own Firewall and Anti Spam filters. Again Kaspersky Internet Security is lean for a full package, although the new Norton slightly beats it in the amount of RAM it takes. However Kaspersky’s system is very user friendly, and updates every day to make sure you get the latest protection. The main difference for the user, is that it will bring up popup markers to say when a program wants to access the Internet. If your not sure what the program is STOP IT! If you do, then allow and away you go, it will never appear again. It does this much more than Windows Firewall, which is reassuring letting you know you are protected by Kaspersky. Overall the choice is up to you depending on your requirements.

Anti Virus is cheaper, and is ideal for people looking to protect themselves from viruses, or someone who also uses a different firewall. The Internet Security gives those who need it the full package either as a replacement to a current package like Norton or Trend Micro.

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System Requirements:

The official system requirements are the following, and Chomping Turtle has found it runs well on virtually any machine. You will only notice significant slow down on Low Spec PC’s when running full scans.

800 MHz Intel Pentium (Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or higher, Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7), 50MB HDD Space