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Casino Royale Deluxe Edition Blu Ray – £5.97

Region Free.

Casino Royale was the first Daniel Craig Bond film, and the film that got the franchise back on track. This feature packed deluxue version of the film on Blu Ray is now cheaper than its “normal” counterpart on Amazon UK.

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Available from for £5.97


It features the following:

Disc 1 extras:
– crew commentary
– picture-in-picture visual commentary (Blu-Ray only)
– James Bond quiz (Blu-Ray only)

Disc 2 extras:
1 deleted scenes (x4)
2 Road to Casino Royale
3 Ian Fleming’s Incredible Creation
4 James Bond in the Bahamas
5 Ian Fleming: Secret Road to Paradise
6 Death in Venice
7 Becoming Bond Documentary (from original edition, HD)
8 James Bond: For Real documentary (from original edition, HD)
9 Bond Girls are Forever (from original edition, low definition)
10 Art of the Freerun
11 Catching A Plane storyboard to screen
12 Freerun Chase storyboard sequence
13 Filmmaker Profiles
14 Chris Cornell music video (low definition)