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New Amazon Kindle is Now Available – First Look

Like all Amazon Kindle's, it works really well in sunlight

After being available for pre order for some time now, the new smaller Amazon Kindle is now available to buy. It does away with the Kindle 3’s (Now called Kindle Keyboard) keyboard and replaces it with a simple multi directional keypad. The benefits being it allows the device to be smaller, and thus lighter. The negative being it is more time consuming to type on the Kindle store. However on my Kindle I like to buy things on my PC first, and auto sync it to Kindle, as it is faster this way. If you are like me in this sense then the lack of the keyboard will not worry you. It is still nice and easy to get around the menus.


Other Main differences between the Kindle and the Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard):
Amazon claim 10% improvement in page speed.
30% lighter
Improved EInk display
Cheaper – Currently the cheapest way to get a new Kindle. £89 or $79

Less memory (although still thousands of books, possibly more than you will ever need?),
Smaller battery but still an unbelievable ONE MONTH claimed battery life.

Right now the new smaller Kindle is only available from Amazon. But as with Kindle 3 expect PC World, Tesco etc. to offer it down the line in the UK.

Buy the new Kindle now from Amazon (UK)

Buy the Kindle and Kindle Touch from (USA)


Via in the USA you can get a currently exclusive Kindle Touch for $99. This offers a good in-between for the market that wants portability but the advantages of a keyboard.