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Ideal Laptop Upgrade SSD – OCZ 240GB Vertex Plus – £89.99 Amazon

Ideal Laptop Upgrade SSD – OCZ 240GB Vertex Plus – £89.99 Amazon

If like many people you have a 1-3 year old laptop which you would like to vastly boost performance, without a doubt the best pound for pound upgrade you can do for everyday performance increase is a SSD, and due to recent price drops, this OCZ Vertex Plus 240GB model is outstanding value at £89.99. For this you get a fast solid state drive, with plenty of room for a laptop for well under £100 delivered.

Most people would agree that 128GB is enough for a laptop if you have another PC also, however if your laptop is your main device then 240GB is probably needed for comfort. This OCZ is only SATA2 but the chances are if your laptop is 1-3 years old, then your laptop will only be SATA2 anyway, so you do not need to spend the extra on a SATA3 SSD as you will see no benefit. Where you will see benefit is in the speed of your everyday computing. When I put a similar specification Samsung SSD in my laptop, it became like a tablet for speed. Online in 10 seconds from cold boot. Snappy instant open performance of apps. It is still to this day like having a new laptop. And mine is only a 1.2GHz dual core Pentium!

How does an SSD improve performance on older laptops?

Even on what can be called “slow” older laptops, the hard drive is usually the main bottleneck for performance. By sticking in an SSD like this OCZ Vertex Plus it will make Windows and applications load much quicker, in some cases virtually instantaneous. This means everyday performance will be much faster. It will not however make games run better or photo editing any faster, except for loading times. You may find performance increase for games if your hard drive is usually being accessed heavily whilst playing, especially online games. This does not mean you can ramp graphics up to Ultra, but it may make movements smoother, not because of the SSD power but because it can get everything done faster, this may free up your CPU for the game or whatever you are doing. There is no better performance upgrade you can do for an old laptop.

Forget putting in more RAM. Save the cash for an SSD upgrade, you will notice the difference hugely. On Crystal Mark my laptop hard drive speed went from around 40-50MB/s to 250MB/s. This makes this OCZ Vertex Plus 240GB SSD a huge performance bargain.


OCZ Vertex Plus OCZSSD2-1VTXPL240G