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Cheapest Price Ultrabooks – Benefits of “the new class” of Laptop

Intro to Ultrabooks:

There is a lot of excitement that is happening regarding the latest Ultra Notebooks. You will notice that how the best Ultrabooks are now very superior to the old model notebook. If you have never used one before, in the first place it is important not to be fooled by the sizes of the Ultrabooks although they might look extremely thin they operate just like the normal full size notebooks. They are not netbooks. Comparison of Ultrabooks to Netbooks is a kind of a joke taking into account the lack of functioning of the Netbook. Although the Ultrabooks are superior to the Netbooks, there are now a range of cheaper versions making it a more affordable option.

Importance of Ultrabooks:

One of the most fastest moving electronic gadgets on the market these days is the cheapest price Ultrabook. There are plenty of reasons why these Ultrabooks are so popular, fast moving and have created excitement among the people. The Ultrabook combines ample power and features, with huge portability and battery life. As mentioned before, the Ultrabooks have plenty of features that are worth spending on.

Features of Ultrabook:

The latest Ultrabooks are very unique, as well as thinner and lighter than that of the usual laptops. It weighs around 3.1 pound and the thickness is about 0.8 inches which makes it very easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. Construction is normally a class above typical laptop ranges, which creates a premium feel with the price. The Ultrabooks are at most, half the weight and thickness of an average laptop. Another amazing feature of even the cheapest price Ultrabook is its battery life which has at least five or more hours. The chief reason for this battery back up is the new Ivy Bridge Processor which runs very efficiently on a low voltage, and in many cases solid state hard drive, which are lightning fast as well as battery efficient vs a mechanical hard drive.

Additional Advantages in the Features:

Many people love the latest features on Ultrabooks since they are available with touch screen and also they are intuitive and quicker than “normal” laptops. The latest Ultrabooks have blurred the gap between tablets and laptops. With a touch screen the functions can be done faster when compared to the laptops or computers, particularly when users mix a gesticulation based interface with a keyboard and track pad.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Price Ultrabook?

Chomping Turtle recommends John Lewis for all ultrabook purchases over £599. This is because you get a full FREE three year warranty. That includes the latest Apple Macbook Air.

Recommend Items (Cheapest to Most Expensive):
Lenovo Ideapad U310, Samsung 530U4C-A01, HP Spectre XT 13-2000ea