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PS5 Revealed

The PlayStation 5 is here. Here are the highlights by Mark Cerny

  • 16gb GDDR6
  • SSD uses the RAM like extended storage
  • 0.27s to load 2gb data
  • Custom flash controller
  • 825gb SSD
  • UHD Blu Ray Disc
  • 5.5GB Per second flash controller
  • With compression 8gb per second
  • Can use a external “normal” harddrive for PS4 games
  • Bay for m2 SSD expansion
  • PS5 has 100x faster IO than PS4
  • Backwards compatible with PS4 at launch
  • Primitive Shaders – to use smooth LOD levels including on PS4 games
  • Ray Tracing on PS4 games possible
  • Cooling and noise looked at
  • 36 CU
  • Variable frequency, to solve heat issues
  • 2.23ghz GPU is 10.3 TF
  • 3.5ghz CPU
  • Improved Audio from 100s of 3d effect sources
  • Tempest 3D Audio Tech. Similar to SPU in PS3 for amazing 3d audio
  • DOLBY ATMOS support