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PlayStation Plus February Is a Beauty For PS3 – Last Chance for free Borderlands 2! £7.99

PlayStation Plus February Is a Beauty For PS3 – Last Chance for free Borderlands 2!

If you own or have just ordered a PS3, and you are not subscribed to PlayStation Plus then get subscribed as soon as possible. You can do this via a 90 day PS Plus subscription (pay no more than £9) or a 365 day subscription (£30 is a good price). Why? Because you will get not only the new games for February, but also your subscription will overlap for the final days of January, which means you get the superb duo of Devil May Cry and Borderlands 2 (PS3). For February they are being replaced with the 94 Metacritic scored Bioshock Infinite and 80 scored Metro Last Light. Both are very good games, Metro Last Light is the kind of game you don’t want to play in the dark by yourself, while Bioshock Infinite is a game everyone should experience.


So you are getting two top rated shooters (3 if you get Borderlands 2) for virtually nothing. They are good to keep as long as you keep the service, and you can renew at any time. If you have a PS4 you have to have PS Plus to play online games, and PS4 owners get treated to freaky Outlast, while Vita owners get Dynasty Warriors Next and ModNation Racers. So a whole bunch of great games, but with its large back catalog, the PS3 owners are getting the pick of the bunch.


New to PS Plus?

Once you subscribe, go on the Sony Entertainment Network website on your computer/tablet (anything but the console), and you can “buy” the free games for the PS4 and the PS Vita too, building you up a nice back catalogue incase you ever get one.