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Nvidia Maxwell 750 GTX Ti Feburary Release – Rumor

Nvidia Maxwell 750 GTX Ti Feburary Release – Rumor

While this is just a rumour, it has quiet a bit of backing. Since Nvidia have been very quiet for a while on the next generation “Maxwell” based Nvidia GTX graphics cards, today some websites are claiming a 18th of February launch for the new graphics card which will replace the GTX 650 TI and will run on a 28nm process. It should retail around the £130-160 mark, putting it in direct competition to the Radeon R9 270.

The difference with the new Maxwell cards is they use unified virtual memory. The marketing blurb is “The goal of UVM is basically to use page faults in the virtual memory systems to detect when a piece of memory is being accessed on the GPU and move the pages to the device, and then move it back to the CPU when the CPU accesses it.” The series of cards will also have an integrated Nvidia 64bit ARM processor to further reduce the strain on the main CPU for certain tasks. In the GTX 750 Ti form it should give performance inbetween the GTX 660 and the GTX 760. If the price is correct, that is some serious horsepower for the money.

nvidia maxwell Nvidia Maxwell 750 GTX Ti Feburary Release   Rumor

Future GTX 750 Ti

They are clearly going for a mid range card to test what it can do before bringing out the much waited for GTX 800 series. Still if you only have a 1080p monitor or you output your PC via a TV, then the GTX 750 Ti could be exactly what you need. Very power efficient, so should be cool too, this could be the ideal Steam Machine graphics card.  We await the tests to come out and final pricing, but Maxwell is looking very good right now.