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DEAL – Cruicial 240GB SSD CT240M500SSD1 only £100… and 79p! £100.79

DEAL – Cruicial 240GB SSD CT240M500SSD1 only £100… and 79p!

  • Speed
  • Price
  • Quality

Give yourself the gift of speed this Christmas with an unbelievable price on one of, if not THE top brand SSD on the market Crucial. This CT240M500SSD1 offers superb performance, easily a match to the also superb Samsung 840 Series, and thanks to Amazon a great price. It offers read speeds of over 500MB/s in a SATA3 laptop or PC.  This will make an enormous difference to a slow or even a fast PC if it has a traditional 5400rpm/7200rpm hard drive. The bottleneck to almost any PC/Mac is the hard drive.

With 240GB on offer this CT240M500SSD1 is great for laptops as it means you don’t have to rely on external storage, as you may have to with 64/128GB SSDs, which previously were the affordable options. At £100 (and 79 pence) you are getting the best bang for buck performance upgrade you can get. Plus it gives you a 3 year warranty with Crucial who are a very reputable company.

Overall this is a superb piece of kit which will speed up any PC. An Essential Purchase!


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Cruicial 240GB SSD