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Samsung Chromebook 3G XE303C12-H01 Review

This Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-H01 is an impressive laptop which gives fast virus free performance, and even built in 3g for internet on the go. If bought from John Lewis it also features a 2 year warranty. At time of writing you can also get £50 cashback from Samsung, and a free Samsung Galaxy Mini, as well as 100MB of data for your Chromebook every month for a year. Read more about the XE303C12-H01 below.

In a nutshell Review:


  • Ultra light, and portable laptop. You wont feel this in a bag its that light! Just over 1Kg!
  • Up to ten hours battery life, means all day computing.
  • Runs Googles Chrome OS, which is virtually virus free and always is up to date, without all those annoying update messages you see on Windows.
  • Runs thousands of apps designed specifically for Chrome, from Photo editing, Office Software to Google Hangouts (video chat)
  • Fast dual core Samsung Exynos processor and 720p high resolution 11.6 inch screen.
  • Stylish machine
  • 3G built in means you can get on the internet virtually anywhere,
  • Boots up in under 10 seconds, and is ready to go online in that time!
  • Constant updates means it wont be out of date next year!
  • 2 year warranty if bought from John lewis and 90 day software support.


  • Doesnt run “traditional” Windows programs. There are alternatives for most, but some omissions like Skype. You would have to use Google Hangouts.
  • Not designed for non Internet locations. There aren’t many around these days, but its worth noting.


Once you get over the whole, “its not Windows” the Chromebook provides a fast, efficient way to access the Internet and to simple tasks like Word Processing, watching iPlayer, YouTube, Facebook etc. It’s ideal for students or people who would like a cheap laptop on the go. Chrome OS is not made to replace your main computer yet, however it is getting more advanced all the time, and improvements to an already fast operating system are happening all the time. With the bonus of a free phone, £50 cashback and 100MB of data a month its a great deal. If you need more you could always buy an Ovivo Mobile SIM with 750MB a month for a one off £15.

The Samsung Chromebook 3G XE303C12-H01 costs £299 but you can get £50 cashback at time of writing. There is also a non-3G version for £229.