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HP Pavilion g6-2213sa Review – Quad Core Gaming Laptop £339.99 (Refurb)

2014 Update:
You can now get an Acer V5-552 with an even better APU (A quad core A10-5757M with a 8650G Graphics) for just £329.99 delivered.


With this G6-2213sa HP is trying to change the stereotype of cheap and gaming laptops not normally go hand in hand. However this Quad core AMD A8-4500M powered laptop packs a serious punch. It has got serious performance, and unlike similarly priced Core i5 laptops, it has impressive gaming performance, and thanks to the true quad core, its also great for video editing. It also comes in a stylish red patterned colour, nicer than I’ve just described!



As mentioned it has the AMD APU unit which features a A8-4500M quad core processor combined with a AMD Radeon HD 7640G graphics card built in. This gives serious power for a sub £350 laptop. Performance in more in line with a £500 laptop, even a refurb! It has 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and this means not only are games fast, but Windows 8 multi tasking is a breeze. I have encoded videos using Sony Vegas on this unit faster than my Core i3 desktop. In terms of gaming, you can run Bioshock with EVERYTHING turned to max, and it is butter smooth. Downloading F1 2012 from Steam also runs on high settings. Sure it may not do everything on ultra, but this is a serious gaming device for those who dont have the room for a desktop, or the budget for a traditionally priced new gaming laptop. I’m really impressed by the AMD APU unit. Everything I have thrown at it, its handled with ease, while when using for basic desktop apps, the battery can last for nearly five hours.



The only let down in my book of this laptop is the screen. Its 1366×768 and the viewing angle isnt the best. However its more than adequate, and it also features HDMI and VGA out for higher resolution playback. TF2 on my TV looked great running 1080p.  At the top of the screen is a HD webcam.


Connections / Features

On the left you have two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, VGA, ethernet, and card reader (which is very fast). The right side of the laptop has the CD/DVD Burner, charging port and a USB 2.0 port. The keyboard is a full siz and features a num pad which is a god send after my previous laptop only being 11.6 inch. There is also a large area for the speakers on top, which are ALTEC Lansing units. They are of good quality, not outstanding, but loud and clear as they are facing you and not underneath like some laptops. The mousepad is as good as one can be. I hate them personally, but it features multi touch which is handy for Windows 8 scrolling. Its also a good size with satisfying button clicks. I still use my Microsoft Arc Mouse though.



For a HP it seems good bar one part, the DVD drive. I’m most likely never going to use it, but if you pick it up from that side it feels a bit creeky. It wouldnt put me off buying the laptop as it still has a 1 year warranty, and I think its more sound than a build issue. The keyboard and trackpad are feel very durable as does the lid mechanism.



This is a seriously impressive laptop. It doesn’t look fancy or is particularly thin. Its like a Q Car. Functional looks and design but with a surprisingly powerful powerplant under the skin. This will do everything 99% of laptop users could need and do them FAST. The AMD A8-4500M is a beast, but a beast that sips battery when you need it too. And although this is a refurb, its still got 12 months warranty. An absolute bargain of a machine, and one that bought replacing the 750GB hard drive with a Samsung 830 SSD. I know this computer will last me for years to come without any sweat.