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HP Envy DV6-7300EA, Core i7, 1TB, 8GB RAM laptop cheapest price £799.95 – Chomping Turtle Review

In todays world we require a laptop that can do everything, and in this review we check to see if the HP Envy DV6-7300EA can fit the bill. It is currently available for just £799.95 from John Lewis with a free 2 year warranty 90 days of software support.


As you would expect with a top of the range laptop from HP, you get all the bells and whistles in the power department. The latest generation Intel Core i7 processor will make any task exceptionally quick, whether that is photo editing or general everyday to day use. It is also backed up with 8GB of RAM which means multitasking is not a problem. Unlike many laptops nowadays in this price range instead of an ultra fast solid state drive, you get a regular hard drive, which gives you much more room, 1TB. While this means initial load up is not as quick as some ultrabooks, you are getting up to 10x more storage meaning plenty of space for photos, videos etc. This really could replace your desktop PC. If you are a gamer you will be impressed with the 2GB dedicated graphics card also.  For movie fans, this allows you to play full HD films on your TV via the HDMI port. The only downside to the specification is the screen resolution is not full HD, just 1366×768 (higher than 720p). This is a slight disappointment, but the screen is clear and the colours very bright.


However one way this makes up for lack of Full HD is it also features Intel Wireless Display (WiDi). This allows you to stream in Full HD to a compatible TV. A great feature for showing off photos. As said before, you can still link up to a TV with HDMI. There are also full speed USB 3.0 for ultra fast external devices. Battery life is above average for a laptop this size, with a quoted 6 hours. Realistically this would be around 5, still good. Being HP it features Beats Audio sound which means when hooked up to some good headphones or speakers, it will gives superb quality. The standard speakers are above average for a laptop also.


The DV6-7300EA is a great high end laptop without a high end price. The aluminum feels and looks great and although the screen would be nice if it was full HD, the array of latest tech features like Wireless display and 2GB graphics card more than make up. This is a fast laptop which would happily replace almost any desktop PC. Plus if you buy from John Lewis it is backed up by a two years warranty for piece of mind.