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Three Possibilities for Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone

Three Possibilities for Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone
Will our favorite Android phone get slimmed-down, beefed-up or Nexus-ified? And how soon? by Jon Fox. October 9, 2012. We've made no secret of how much we love Samsung's Galaxy S3. (Read our review here.) Given that the phone was a huge success, …
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HTC Droid Incredible X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
A short time ago, the specifications for a device known as the HTC DLX phablet leaked to the surface. If the specs are the real deal, the device, also known as the Droid Incredible X, HTC One X 5 or maybe even the Google Nexus 5 will be running some …
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Consumer Report: iPhone 5 vs. Android
With everyone using their phone to take pictures, how do the cameras affect your Apple-or-Android choice? Though the iPhone and some Android phones have the ability to take panoramic photos, Consumer Reports finds that when it comes to photo and …
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